Tuesday, April 6, 2010

They tried to make me go to rehab...

Rehab?? For WHAT??



I recieved Happy 101 from Linds and Courtney

10 Things that make me Happy

1. My Huusss-band
2. My Bebes
3. Cherry Coke
4. Being Healthy
5. Warmer Weather
6. Yummy Food (Making and Eating it, especially the later)
7. Making changes in life to make me a better person
8. Finishing a project
9. Sleep
10. A good cup of coffee

Linds also thinks my blog is Kewl, she is pretty awesome too and you should surely go check her out.

I received the Beautiful Blogger award from Lee-Ann and Brianne

This one requires 7 Interesting Facts
1. I want to eat at every single restaurant that Guy Fieri visits on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. That guy makes everything he eats seem amazing.
2. I am a newly converted LOST junkie, I blame my recent obsession of the "devil" show 100% on my husband.
3. I have a new phone, an Android, I'm pretty sure the phone is smarter than me. Bonus though...
4. I think I have finally figured out Twitter. Ok, not really but I do know how to tweet.
5. I do not have a bucket list
6. I never plan on owning a pair of Crocs
7. I lurve Dark Chocolate

What is a Stiletto Award??? Click here to find out from Jill

I've got to say when I read the description of the Stiletto award it brought a tear to my eye that Dondi would bestow this hot award to me.  I pass the Stiletto award to all the ladies above that showed me award love AND my book club gals for all their inspiration and comradery.

Thank you all for your well wishes and prayers I am finally starting to feel better. I have pulled a muscle in my back/shoulder area from coughing and it hurts bad, but it's better than having trouble breathing.

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