Sunday, April 4, 2010

Knowing you, knowing me with Keely.

On Friday I asked Keely for a sneak preview to her questions in hopes that on Saturday amidst the craziness of preparing for traveling on the Easter holiday I would schedule my getting to know you post. SCCRRRREEEEECCCHHHH!! (that's me typing brake noises)

There is no traveling. We are at home, we didn't even go to church. After two days of a fever I went to the doctor on Friday and found out I have viral bronchitis. Since my grandfather has emphysema and asbestos poisoning I could not in good conscience take myself or my family to be with our extended family today. I'm heart broken to not spend the holiday with them. Dade was so excited to go see everyone, we had been counting down the days for a week. An egg hunt was planned for my kids...such a bummer..

I hope everyone else is enjoying their Easter, we are enjoying our time together as a family. We have read Bible stories and this book many times today to help Dade understand what Easter means to the best of his ability.

Onto the questions..

Showers or baths?
Showers all the way, baths give me the eebie jeebies. You sit in your own dirt, YUCK!

Do you have any crazy urges?
You mean like to bake something at 9pm, or re-organize a jewelry box to the point of being over focused on it, the need to clean air ducts to the point that anything else I'm doing stops until that task is completed. Yeah! I've had a urge or two that I have acted on.

What is one thing we don't know about you?
One thing, well there is alot more than one thing. Am I suppose to share it? it or hate it?
Love the way I feel after exercise, the energy it gives me how it makes sleep better but the actual excercising part notsomuch.

Do you think you have a good body image?
See the aformentioned question, no notsomuch there either.

Flour or corn tortillas?
Generally prefer flour, Mission brand to be exact.

How do you celebrate Easter?
Go to Church, then travel to be with family in Maryland. None of which we did today because of my illness, sorry I'm still having a pity party for myself.

Hard boiled Easter eggs or plastic eggs?
Plastic eggs for the Easter egg hunt Dade would have participated in, otherwise we are still trying to decide what family tradition we want to have in this area. I don't really feel like the bunny or the eggs have a single thing to do with the true celebration of Easter. It is what I grew up with but I feel the Truth can so easily be lost. The book I mentioned earlier What is Easter? has a pretty good explanation for young kids. So I guess I'll have a better answer next year and we'll see if we dye eggs.

Happy Easter!! He is RISEN indeed!!

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