Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Clean up on Aisle 5!!

I kind of eluded to the purpose of this post on Sunday in my Getting to Know You post. It's all about the plans for my blog or lack there of...

Several weeks ago I participated in Friday Follow. Friday Follow introduced me to many wonderful new blogs that I follow and helped that little follower number over there on the right climb to 140+, but I have some buyer's participant's remorse. I never realized how many giveaway/review blogs there are out there. When I initially participated I thought that number over there was somehow associated to my blog's fame and more importantly to my self-worth. For the longest time I thought I wanted more from my blog.
I thought maybe just maybe this blog could be bigger. Nevermind the fact that I'm just an ordinary overweight middle America woman, it could happen to me. I could add advertisements, and wow the masses with my wit and storytelling. Then I got to thinking about the women that do that for a living and evaluated what they deal with. Many "famous" bloggers have turned off their comments so there is no interaction with their readers ever, some now travel and have to (choose to) leave their families/children for extended periods of time, all of them appear to be under a microscope. Let them not say one thing then change their mind, make a mistake, or pick their butt the wrong way someone will surely write about it somewhere.
That's when I had my epiphany, this blog is for me. My objective to blogging is not to enter every and any giveaway ever offered. I do occasionally participate on the giveaways where I already read regularly. While I will always long for more comments the truth is that I have come to enjoy the friendships that I have forged in Blogland.


Kate and knowing that her fur baby just graduated from obedience school. GO WILLOW!!
Arizona Mamma just won an on-line photo contest and is facing a difficult decision about selling her horses
Adriane may or may not be teaching her 18 month old twin girls to curse like sailors or they don't say shirt so well
Mama M. is apparently an inappropriate giggler and frequently chatter about having a baby, like the pushing part.
Megan just finished the busiest part of her working year and is now enjoying ball games with her boys.
Keely is currently schlepping her babies back and forth across town because she is a good mama and doesn't want to change her kids school near the end of the year.
Brianne (aka The Photog Nazi) has a love for punctuation, making up her own awards, and snapping photos of her babies
Courtney who apparently takes her children to casinos and all around the town.

There are many more blogs that I read regularly so please please please don't be upset if you aren't on the list it does not mean I have stopped reading your blog.

So while many others lament over the loss of a follower, I say if you don't read here  (though I guess it's not likely that you are reading this) un-follow or unsubscribe. I promise I'll be ok, I'll put on my big girl panties, and I'll get over it. Oh! wait I only have big girl panties. BAAAAhAHAHAAHA...

I will also be overhauling my blog roll to include the blogs I truly read and invest my time in. I will not un-follow anyone knowing that it can cause such upset feelings and my objective is not to upset anyone. Finally I have hosted my one and only giveaway here. I doubt there will be anymore but, if an amazing opportunity presents itself I hope to not having becoming a follower as an entry. (Uh-oh I think I just picked my butt wrong with those two sentences)

Why do you blog?

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