Wednesday, April 21, 2010

You Know Your a Mama When-sDAZE Week 2

In my eyes last week was a smashing success I sure hope my girl Arizona Mamma felt the same.


So I'm back this week for a second installment of You Know Your a Mama When-sDaze.

You are so proud that your 3 ½ year old picks out his own clothes and dresses himself and its one less cotton-picking thing on your plate in the morning, that you squash your inner fashionista and let him wear:

Purple Track Pants,
Cream colored shirt with hunter green cap sleeves and a Beaver on the front of it in brown and orange, and
Socks that are covered in various colorful sports balls


A blue and kelly green striped sweatshirt
Maroon Sweatpants
On a 75 degree day

These are just two of the many clothing choices my son has made in the past week.

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