Thursday, February 11, 2010

Messed up..

Back to work... Though this morning when we Jon woke up the pilot light on our water heater was out. Good Times!!! I did the rinse and powder trick on my hair and washed my face in the sink, but let me tell you there is something about having a hot shower that gets me in gear for the day.

Valentine's Day is right aroung the corner, how could you forget since I have been participating in Mama M.'s EXTRAVAGANZA(have I mentioned how much I love that word)?

Today at the request of Mama M.'s Mr. Wonderful we are to divulge what we think our loves biggest screw up was..

My birthday is on the 30th of May. For those that don't know that is the official Memorial Day holiday date; however it's observed on the last Monday of the month. So I have a holiday birthday, the holiday that un-offically kicks off the summer. Since I was knee high to a grasshopper the Memorial day weekend IS my birthday weekend. In 2007 I turned 30. Starting at the beginning of May I reminded my husband that Memorial Day weekend was my birthday weekend, I didn't want anything big like a party but I wanted to feel special. As the weekend got closer I asked him if he had planned anything and he would answer that he hadn't. Surely that couldn't be, he was great at surprising me. Check out our engagement story for one of the biggest surprises. The weekend before memorial day I was making the menu for the next week and I asked him if I should plan meals for the whole weekend. He said yes, why wouldn't I? Ok, this is just part of the plan. He wouldn't not plan something for my 30th birthday weekend after I did a whole big party on the Spirit of Washington and Limo ride for his birthday. So the weekend came and I waited for a babysitter or him to wow me by making some amazing dinner. And nothing... I did laundry, I menu planned, grocery shopped, did a Target run, took care of Dade, made dinner all three weekend nights.. On Monday while making dinner I burst into tears. My hopes were so high that I would be woo'd and wowed. It all came crashing down on Monday night and I was soo very hurt and devasted. Jon apologized, his defense was that it wasn't actually my birthday and he didn't think I was serious. Needless to say it was a growing experience in our marriage. But ultimately my birthday weekend was gone..

Then comes the part where I eat a big ole slice of humble pie. On Wednesday, my actual birthday, he gave me these while I got ready for work.

HELLOOO!! Who is the jerk now? I still do expect something special on my birthday memorial day weekend, but I too have learned my lesson about expectations.

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Arizona Mamma said...

My birthday hasn't been anything special for a long time now. I am the one who cooks the majority of the time, so I don't even get a special dinner or anything.

P.S. At what stage in your life were you actually knee high to a grasshopper?

Mama M. said...

Oh man...stinks when we eat humble pie, huh?! Gorgeous earrings, tho!!

Great story!

TAMMY said...

Those earrings are beautiful!!

Scrappy Gifts said...

I hate when I expect something and get disappointed or when you're just not patient long enough.