Wednesday, February 8, 2012

What would you do?

Today Jon's Christmas present arrived. I know it's February..yeah yeah yeah.. I'm a procrastinator and I couldn't order it until I showed it to him on Christmas day because he is a smidgen picky. I may have also ordered myself something. We both got hand stamped rings and they are well made beautiful rings, but mine does not match what I ordered. I want what I ordered, but I also know that someone worked hard on what I received. I took a picture of the ring and a screen shot of what I paid for and sent it off to the company to see what there suggestion is.

What would you have done??

Much Love,



Jon said...

thank you very much for my Christmas present. You are the best wife in the world. I Love You So MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kate said...

(Aw Jon that was so cute!)

If it were me, I would send it back for what I ordered. While I appreciate the effort someone put into the one you received, it wasn't what you asked for. Money doesn't grow on trees, so we need to make sure we get what we want. (in my opinion)