Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Whoopsie Daisy..


Mama M. Of 5QF fame is at it again. Back in February she hosted the Valentine's Extravaganza where I wrote posts laden with more information than any of you really wanted to know about me and the hubs. This is month is Mother's Day and my 33rd birthday on the 30th so we are celebrating with blog hoppin' Mania.

Today's theme is Whoopsie Wednesday, if you want to check out the themes for the rest of the week click here.

Being honest here, 'cause that's what I do, when I first read today's theme I thought there would be no way that I could contribute. I am the closest to perfect Mama that ever walked the planet.

{Whoa! that lightening nearly hit me.}

Ok, so the truth is I block moments of failure from my mind, it's easier to live with a false sense of perfection. So I traveled to the recesses of my mind asked my husband and was able to recall a whoopsie or two thousand.

I could tell you about the that time when Dade was a baby sitting in his car seat unstrapped on the kitchen table and flipped himself over onto the floor. Or there was the time I forgot to put the baby gate up at the top of the steps and didn't realize Dade could open the bedroom door until had fallen face first halfway down the hardwood steps when I heard his crying.
How about the time I put the twins in their bouncy chairs, not strapped in because they were to little to move, went to prepare their bottles and came back to find Coralee folded in half between the chair and the sofa. Then there was the time that I confused the girls one night before bed, they slept in the wrong crib and I called them by the wrong names until I was getting them dressed after breakfast and saw Brennan's birthmark. Maybe, I should choose the fun time that occurred just a few weeks ago while bathing the kids Brennan was standing in the tub. I told her to sit down and turned my attention to rinsing Dade's hair. Out of the corner of my eye I saw her feet, time slowed down, I attempted to use my leg to break her fall to no avail and she ended up smacking face first on the tile floor missing the gigantic rug that covers nearly the entire area.

Say it with me, "WHOOOPPPPSSSAAAYYY!!!"

Do you have a Whoopsie moment or two? Do share and link up? Make the rest of us feel normal. Let's commiserate.

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