Wednesday, May 5, 2010

You Know your a Mama When-sDaze


I'm a Mama, here's how I know--

You have the ability to hold your bladder and bowels until everyone has been wiped/changed/fed/bathed/occupied. Then suddenly your body senses everyone is taken care of no amount of kegeling or clenching will hold back the call of nature. (Really, never happened to you?)

You have learned to enjoy warm meals cold and cold meals warm. (I now am well aware why my mom was always the last one to get up from the table)

Where you were once offended by puke, poop, pee, boogers and snot you now pull out all the stops.

When you hear the tell tale sounds of regurgitation you offer up your hands cupped in hopes of saving the carpet, even as the vomit projectiles and over flows your feeble "basket" you keep them there because by gummit you are going to keep at least two peas off the floor. (Come On! Whose with me; are you a vomit catcher?)

While changing a diaper you have, with the quickness, barehanded a rabbit pellet back into a diaper. (I mean not that I have bare handed poo. Wait this isn't Not Me!)

You have been pee'd on, by others, more than you can even count. (I don't even shudder anymore.)

Unbeknownst to you, it's is perfectly socially acceptable to pick other's noses the only caveat is they likely at one point in their life resided in your womb, puked, pee'd and/or pooped on you. (Pick away people, get those nasties)

At the sound of nasal blockage the nasal aspirator becomes your new best friend (Anyone else have a hip holster for yours?) and your child's worst enemy (What's with the extra arms and legs when the little blue guy shows up?)

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Happy Wednesday!!

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