Thursday, May 6, 2010

Not Today..

I'm back for another round of Mother's Day Mania with Mama M. Today we are sharing birth stories, I am going to stick even further with Mama M.'s theme and tell you the story of the boy that made me a Mama.

Without further ado the story of Dade.

On the 9th of August I was scheduled to be induced. The reason for the induction was the measurements of the "wee" one that was growing in my womb. At my 20 week ultrasound our firstborn was measuring 22 weeks, since I was without a doubt sure of my last cycle my doctor scheduled another ultrasound at 35 weeks to check growth. At the second ultrasound our bambino was measuring at 38 weeks.

At 4 something in the morning the Hubs and I woke to begin our journey to the hospital. We turned off our cell phones listened to music and talked about how the day; how we thought it might go and how much our lives were going to change. We arrived at the hospital promptly at 7:30 to be greeted with, "Why are you here? Didn't you get the message? We don't have any beds." You see the night before had been a full moon and while I'm told it's just an old wives tale that such an event can bring on labor, I saw said tale in action. We were told to drive around, eat the lightest of breakfast and come back around 10am. No dice, nothing, time to go home. Not before we had to walk the length of the hospital twice over and take 7 or so elevators rides to get to my doctor's office for a "check" to see if I would need to come back that night for Cervidil. No worries I was "ripe" and could go home to re-try in the morning.

August 10, 2006, It's Labor Day
We get to the hospital again bright and early in the morning, are escorted to admissions to get the party started. Around 8am I am settled in my room getting my IV full of Pitocin. At 8:30 the doctor breaks my water. During the meeting with our nurse she asks why I was being induced. I explain to her that they believe the baby is large for gestational age. As she feels of my abdomen she says she guesses our little man will be about 8 and ½  pounds.
At first I don't really feel anything. Thinking this labor business is pretty easy breezy, then I feel the call of nature. I tell my nurse and she says she will get a bed pain. I beg and plead to let me use the potty. She obliges and good googity moogity it was on. The action of pottying made some things happen. Around 11:30am the pain was too much to bear and I was beyond tired. The anesthesiologist talked and talked for what felt like forever then finally some pain relief and I pee'd on my self. Right after receiving the epidural my parents and in-laws showed up. My nurse told them to leave, that I needed to rest and rest we did. I didn't really sleep given that I was on my back and excited to meet my baby, but I did doze in and out. 
Around 4:30 no less that 8 people rushed in my room. Someone threw scrubs at my husband. Two nurse flipped my entire body back and forth. As my bed was raising I felt cold cold cold medicine enter my back. My doctor came in looked me in the eye and said, "The baby's heart rate has dropped. It's very low and we are going to do a c-section right now." After she finished this statement she pushed my son the wrong way down the one way street. Let me tell you, pain meds or not that hurt. At some point in the commotion I heard 60 beats per minute and I started to cry.
There were feeling of sickness and nausea as my body was filled with medicine, then finally at 5:24 pm our sweet boy was born. Weighing in at a whopping 9lbs. 8ozs. The reason for his heart rate deceleration, the cord was draped across his shoulder and with each contraction his blood flow was being restricted.  

See that melon, 37 cms in diameter, there is a pretty good chance that even without the cord issue he would not have made it through the 10cm entrance way.

First family photo, super tired Mama, very Proud Papa.

Dade Juan
August 10, 2006
9lbs. 8ozs.
21 inches

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