Thursday, April 15, 2010

Top 3 Thursday- Eye Candy

I've seen this little blog hop co-hosted by Elizabeth at Confessions From a Working Mom and Tamara at The (Un)Experienced Mom and today I'm joining in.

Who are your Top 3 "guilty" celebrity crushes? 

#3- Well I guess he isn't truly a celebrity. I might have mentioned a few hundred times how addicted we are to reality TV. This man has been on Survivor once or twice not enough and though he isn't truly a celebrity and doesn't have millions, my oh my oh my..mmmHHHMMMMM.

#2- Don't really like his movies and I don't think he is a terribly good actor but I'll admit I have watched Fast and Furious just because it was on a few too many times. And his voice, WOWZA!!

#1- This one is a bit of a throw back, he sang about "Good Vibrations" and modeled for Calvin Klein.

"Can I be a part of your Funky Bunch?"
Click on the Top 3 button above and find out what the other ladies that linked up have to say. Do you have and celebrity crushes?

**Edited to include this guy, he might not that look that tasty to the eyes but he can make one mean fudge covered graham cracker and I AM IN LOVE!!!
I love you E.L. Fudge (4-EVER)

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