Wednesday, April 14, 2010

You know your a Mama When-sDaze

Today is the inaugural kick-off of a new blog hop hosted by my BBB (Best Bloggin' Bud) Arizona Mamma.

In her words-

As parents, we constantly find ourselves saying things that we just can't quite believe came out of our mouths, or misting up over a few scribbles on a page, or finding ourselves in situations that could only be the result of having offspring. So today I present "You know you're a mom (or dad) When-sDAZE." The possibilities of this are really endless...the creativity is all yours. That is part of what I think will be so fun with this...the posts will all still be unique. In order to play along, all you have to do is either post a picture of something crazy, wonderful, endearing, or just plain cute, that your kids have done...explaining how it made you feel or the story behind it. Or, write a little post fashioned after "You might be a redneck if...," but of course it is "You know you're a mom when..."


You know you are a mama when your seventeen month old screams out in the middle of the night; even after weeks of illness and poor sleep you seemingly hop out of bed to cuddle and snuggle her, instead of tagging in your husband. You bring her back to your bed and hold her till she calms down while you rub her back and stroke her hair. When she begins to babble and talk you speak to her in a sweet voice and encourage to go back to sleep, even though in your head you are questioning your relationship to this child since she seems to not want to sleep at night. (Because hey we all think crazy thoughts when interrupted from a good nights sleep) When she holds out her arms for you to hold her you let her lay across your body even though you are now limited to short quick breaths. Finally, when she chooses to lie back on the bed you quietly sing “Jesus Loves Me” when she whimpers at the end you sing again. Feeling at your wits end you decide to demonstrate sleeping to her and turn your head away but are still awake. After you hear her breathing change into long deep breaths; you roll back over and lay awake staring at the features of her china doll face, stroking her hair and realize at 4:30 in the morning just how truly blessed you are….And just as you are falling back to sleep your husband’s alarm goes off.

That friends is how I know that I am a mama this morning.

What reminds you that you are a mama (or daddy) today? Leave a comment or write a post and link up with the Arizona Mamma (you best be supporting my girl, just sayin') Her entry is hilarious and all about #2, that's right poop. Be sure to check it out.

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