Thursday, April 29, 2010

"A Breathe of Fresh Air."

Have you seen this commercial?

I know Febreze is just trying to sell a product, but the first time I saw this commercial I literally let out a guffaw and proceeded to choke on my Cherry Coke.  Not at the giant fish no, no at the rest of the environment of the commercial.

Let me describe how this commercial would really play out in my house.

I'm in the kitchen cleaning up the dishes from dinner. The hubs is on the kitchen floor cleaning up the never ending mess left by the two littles. In the front of the house three barely dressed children are running around, squealing, maybe throwing things.The TV is on. The kitchen counters are cluttered with dirty dishes. The floors on the entire main level are smattered with toys. As I continue with the dishes my super sniffer detects something.

Me- "Do you smell something?"
Hubs- "No." (Maybe he smells it, maybe he doesn't, but he knows he doesn't want to investigate)
Me- "Can you check?"
Hubs- "Huh?" (The noise level is at about 8 million decibels)
Me- "Can you please check the girls for poop?" (Sounding a little irritated because it's noisy and I had to raise my voice)
Hubs- "GAH! You don't have to yell."
Me- "Apparently, I do." (Because I still haven't learned you don't need to have the last word, it's a first born trait.)
Dade- "MAMA!, MAMA! the babies not poopy."
Me- "Ok, buddy."
Dade- "Can Papa play ball with me?"
Me- "No bud not right now. We need to clean up."
Me- "JON! What is that smell?"
The hubs re-enters the kitchen with little shadows who seem to think the dishwasher needs to be "fixed".
Me- "Coralee, Brennan, NO!" "Jon can you get them?"
Jon- opening the trash can, "Do you want me to get them or find the smell?" (Maybe with a little bit of snip in his voice) "OH Gah, it's the trash can."
I have now stopped washing the dishes to usher my children back out of the kitchen.
Me- "Please for the love of all that is holy take it outside."
Jon- "Huh?" (again with the 8 million decibels)
Me- "Take out the trash PLEASE!" (irritated again)
Jon- "I am, stop YELLING!"
Me- "I'm not YELLING!"

Fast Forward to after bed-time craziness and the parents are sitting at their respective computers, toys still all over the floor, TV on....
Fade to Black
"Febreze, A Breathe of Fresh Air"

What do you think could we sell the product?

Did you ever pay attention to what the family is actually doing in the commercial or the tidiness of the house? Is there a commercial that cracks you up by the way the environment is represented not necessarily the product?

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