Wednesday, April 28, 2010

You Know Your a Mama When-sDaze Week 3

It's Wednesday and that means we all need a little reminder of what makes us Mamas (or Daddys or Papas, in our family) My friend Arizona Mamma has this great blog hop where we can all share something that reminds us of being a parent.

Some things you might hear me saying around our house that would only be uddered from the lips of a mama

-Yes that is your nose, NO please don't pick it
-NO don't pick my nose either.
-Who pooped?
-I need to wipe your butt more because it's dirty.
-No, I don't want you to touch your butthole.
-No, I REALLY don't want you to touch my butthole.
-That is a nice large poop
-Please stop hitting/pushing/biting, your sister/brother
-Please stop running/screaming/banging
-Yes I know you love her but you don't need to squeeze her that hard
-Take a bite. Take a BITE. Not that big. Ugh, spit it out
-Chew, chew, chew, no don't gag, chew.
-That's right if you can't listen to Mama you will lose your privledges.
-Ok, everyone off the sofa. If we can't sit on our hineys no one is on the furniture.
-No, don't bite my finger
-No, I love you more. ;o)

So what's reminding you today that you are a parent? Be sure to hop on over to Arizona Mamma's to see what she wrote and all the other Mamas that linked up.

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