Monday, March 8, 2010

The day my words bit me in the badonkadonk.

Last night as I was getting up from dinner Dade smacked the bottom of the paper plate that held his half eaten chicken patty sandwich. The chicken patty and unnumbered amount of crumbs splattered on the table and all over the floor.

With a touch of irritation in my voice I asked my son, "What is wrong with you?"
As quickly as the words escaped my lips he retorted with, "Mama my ears not working."
Jon proceeded to lose it. I frequently ask him if his ears are on when I am about to ask him to do something.
I try to hold it together after I clean up the mess when he says, "Mama did you see that chicken patty POP off the plate." With that all our authority went out the window for the evening. Jon and I could not pull ourselves together. This kid is sometimes just to quick for his own good.

Have you ever cracked up when you should have been disciplining?


Linds said...

not yet, but I'm sure it's comin'!

Brittney said...

hahaha yes i have.. the other day when we were in the store my son asked me something about what his daddy did to him and he turned to me and said ... Im gonna kick his ass! I died laughing, i tried to hold it in but i couldnt!! ;p

Arizona Mamma said...

Are you kidding? I laugh way too frequently for my own good at my childrens' antics!

Like when Addyson said to Colton "Don't just sit there like a moron." Really, I have no idea where she'd hear talk like that.

Mama M. said...

Oh, dear heavens have I ever!!!

That, is an awesome story...and bonus points for YOU!!!

Sonora said...

Oy! Kids are so helpful. Although, sometimes it is nice when you end up laughing when you started out mad!
My toddler is the queen of this. Her timing is impeccable. The other day she was beating up on her older sister (who if you ask me, was asking for it) and I tried to get mad, but she gave me this look with a little bat of her eyelids and I lost it and started laughing.
Then I tried to backtrack and teach her it wasn't nice to hit. I'm sure she got the message. :)

Rachel M. said...

My daughter gives me a big beautiful grin after doing something bad, it takes supreme self discipline to keep the evil eyebrow up.

Anonymous said...

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