Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A lesson in running errands.

On Saturday after a trip to Costco, for entirely too much stuff and Target to find Dade a pair of shoes for the wedding this weekend, Jon and I decided to check out all the hub-bub that is Wegman’s. We have heard from many people how exceptional the food is; in addition to being a Grocery store Wegman’s has a food court type atmosphere. There is also a second floor café with observation area to look out over the grocery store. The place is GIGANTIC and if I’m honest pretty overwhelming. Jon and I walk around taking in all the option open to use for lunch. I wonder how in the world we will make it to the second floor with food and our kids when carts aren’t allowed. We settle on a pizza combo for the kids, and then take the elevator; yeah you read that right an elevator in a grocery store, to the café. We settle on a table near the glass overlook for Dade and away from other families. Jon heads back downstairs to the Chinese buffet to get his plate. The girls are situated in high chairs and begin to caterwaul because I can’t seem to move fast enough for them and they needed food in their bellies instantly. As Jon returns to the table with his eyes bugging from his head due to the cost of his meager plate. Apparently the Chinese buffet was pay by the pound. As Jon returns Dade announces to anyone within the million square foot store that he has just dropped a rose. Wow! do we take these banshees out enough? I head off to get my food and return $13 lighter (OY!), with a plate of Chinese food that was not all that great. As we are finish up the girls start flinging things from the tables making a gigantic mess on the tile floor. I look at Jon and say, “I really think we fit in better as Costco hot dog people. You know where we can feed the whole family for $8 and that includes dessert.”

As we are packing up to leave Dade asks where we are going. When I tell him it’s time to go home he starts to lose it.

D- “I want to go to Erin’s house.”

Me- “Buddy, who is Erin?”

D- “You said run to Erin’s”

Me- “Buddy we are running errands and now they are all done.”

D- “When we go to errands house?”

Me- “Errands are a list of things to do. We had to go to Costco, Target and Wegman’s for lunch. Now we are all done and going home.”

D- “Ok, we go to errands house tomorrow.”

Me- “We’ll see buddy, but I don’t think so.”

Sunday morning Dade woke up explaining what running errands means. Jon and I also decided that we will give Wegman’s a second chance this Saturday. We are going to go for breakfast and bonus my mom will be here as an extra set of hands.


Arizona Mamma said...

That is something Addyson would say! And she never forgets...so if I told her we were going to "errand's" tomorrow, she would demand to do it!

Goldylocks aka Erin said...

Awe...he wanted to come to MY house ;-)

Wegmans....I love Wegmans. Where I live is the home of Wegmans. I went to school with a lot of the Wegman grandchildren.

Sounds like you have one of the fancy new Wegmans'. Those ones ARE super overwhelming. The one I frequent has been around for a while and doesn't have the fancy cafe and such.

It's funny because all of us Rochesterians love our Wegmans. Friends of mine who moved away always make sure to visit Wegmans when they come home for a visit. Cher even wanted to visit Wegmans when she was in town on tour :-)

Helga said...

Going to Erins house....priceless!!! I love the things children come up with :o)

I have never been to Wegmans but my aunt loves them! Good luck on your trip there Saturday!