Tuesday, February 23, 2010

When will I learn...

So I've been at this Mama to Multiples gig for a little over fifteen months now one would think that I could accurately guess my limitation on what I can handle on my own. I surely did when I made the girls doctor appointment with every intention of taking them on my own. I figured this would be easy peasy take them to the doctor armed with snacks and sippy-cups. Good to go!! Or you know this could happen..

-The lady I park next to stares me down as I unload my children from the car.
-When I unload the girls from the stroller (the exam rooms are too small for our gigantic stroller) Coralee starts to lose it.
-Undressing = crying
-The poor nurse assistant is so frazzled she writes the stats on the wrongs slips, did I mention both girls are beside themselves at this point.
-Snacks who wants snacks, crying, snot and drool, just for head measurements
-Everyone leaves the room and my angels return
-The exam room is easily 1000 degrees
-The doctor enters with an intern, Coralee flips again.
-The measurements don't seem write, DO OVER!! causes Coralee to gag on her cookie which is now all over my sweater
-Time for shots, Coralee is up first and crying because I'm not holding her, Brennan is at my feet attempting to push me away from the exam table mashing her cookie hands all over my pants.
-It's all over, Coralee has no tears left , but proceeds to wail loudly.
-The lady at check-out offers them lollipops and toys that would make them choke. "Thanks but really I just want to go home." (What I meant to say, "Lady, I have chewed up, semi thrown up cookie on me, I'm a hot sweaty mess and my kid won't stop crying how much is my flippin' co-pay?)

In the car on the way home Coralee konks out and Brennan talks to me and plays with her feet. And I have learned my lesson about the doctors office.

Did you know it is was National Margarita Day today yesterday? I feel that I earned one, with an extra shot of Patron and extra salt.*

*I meant to post this last night but as I was finishing up Brennan woke up and stayed awake for the most part until 1am, when I finally realized she was suffering gas pains and gave her Mylicon.

Somedays I really wonder if I'm even close to getting this mom thing, yesterday was definitely one of those days.

Happy Monday, errr Tuesday..


Linds said...

I don't know how moms of multiples do it. I can barely get through a day with just one! You're definitely a trooper and hero in my book! And PS-- why are doc offices so stinkin' hot?! I nearly lost 10 poundds just waiting on our ped at our last appointment.... it's like a sauna!

Helga said...

What a day!!! You ROCK for doing that alone!! I hope you had a margarita or two last night, well before Brennan woke up. I hope today is a great day for you instead and everyone sleeps good tonight :o)

Shell said...

I've had to take all my kids to the doctors at the same time. It was a freaking nightmare.

Have a margarita!

Miss Erin said...

I've never attempted this- you are brave. Usually it's me and our nanny, last time DH came with instead and it was a mess from beginning to end.

Dondi said...

I took all my kids to the dr once. That was all it took. Just the one time & I swore I'd never do it again. :)
And I completely agree with Linds - I don't know how you do it! Mine are all 2 years apart & it's still tough sometimes.
I think you definitely earned that margarita! Eh...so it was national margarita day yesterday. It's still 5:00 somewhere :P

Arizona Mamma said...

Listen, most days I don't have this mom thing down, and I don't have twins. Hats off to you. Still, you bet your arse you deserve a margarita.

Robyn{Lee} said...

I second everyone! No one has this Mom thing down... We just do the best we can, and laugh at the end of the day (with that margarita in hand!) : )

Youre doing great!

Goldylocks aka Erin said...

You confirmed it for me. I will not be bringing the boys to the Dr.'s by myself ANYTIME soon. I was planning on doing it for their 2 year appt in April..but nope...no way.

And why oh why are those rooms always so stinkin' hot? I always leave their sweating my fanny off.

I am Lee-Ann... said...

Oh boy, I couldn't imagine taking 2 fifteen month olds to the Dr office, I know how Taryn is there at 21 months and my 4 year old boy makes it hard enough and he's pretty good to take along now. It will get easier eventually (I think when they move out!).