Monday, January 11, 2010

Oh No he diiid-ent, Not my Child!!

In the spirit of Not Me! Monday created by the illustrious MckMama, there also exists Not My Child! where Mamas everywhere can declare with unwavering certainty all the things their children have not done.

Friday morning while munching on a cereal bar and viewing the freshly fallen snow through the kitchen window it was not my son who pounded his fist on the table and said, "Well I guess Santa needs to bring me more presents." At the age of three he clearly understands that Christmas is most importantly about Jesus' birth not Santa and surely not about presents. I don't think his statement is durn near one of the cutest things every, either.

Saturday after a quick trip to Kohl's and whipping through the drive thru at Chick-Fil-A; it was not my son who hollered from the backseat, "Excuse me Papa, we don't talk with our mouths full that's rude." While Jon and I were having a political discussion, I most certainly did not burst out laughing and yell "BUSTED!!" at my husband.

After dinner the other night it was not my son who looked at his dad and said, "Papa you need to go potty. When the toots come out it means you have to poop and you don't want to poop in your underwears. That would be a big mess."


Look at this face. He never gets in trouble, but if he did he would not try to get out of it by saying, "Papa I see you laughing, why are you laughing?"  He is not in fact turning Jon's very own tactics back on him. Jon does not end up laughing hysterically and crumble at any semblance of discipline at this statement.

Oh and in case you missed it, it is not my son who says with some regularity-

Mama, I'm gonna knock you out!
Mama get you butt out of my face!
Good Morning Gorgeous!! (When his baby sister's are brought downstairs) My heart does not melt when I hear such sweetness.

So what have you or your child not been up to lately. Comment here or link up with other ladies and gents(?) over at MckMama's


Arizona Mamma said...

How funny about the "Papa needs to go to the bathroom." I would say at least yours sounds more civilzed saying toots, than my little houligans who just say fart. My favorite was when Addyson said to Drew "stop farting before you crap your pants." Um, yeah. You can tell what we talk about here! She is not even 3 just yet.

Miss. Candy said...

I love this post, I just might have to do one of these!!! I laughed the whole time I was reading it!!!

Jen said...

Come on over to my blog, I have an award for you!

Hey, I LOVED this post. Too funny, had to read it out loud to my husband! Thanks for the great laugh!