Monday, January 11, 2010

Why I Do Declare...

In the infamous words of one Mr. Foghorn Leghorn, I declare this year the year of the project. I mentioned this in my fragments on Friday. I had best intentions of writing four separate posts for each area and it still might happen, but I make no promises.

The first project area, like so many other blogs I read, is my house. I'm not so much focused on the cleaning/organizing aspect as I am making it home. We have been living in our house for over a year and it still doesn't feel like home. I feel like much of the space doesn't work the best for us and on top of that there is no paint on the walls and only few pictures are hung. I'm sure I can attribute some of these feelings to moving just 3 short weeks before I went into the hospital to wait on the girls' arrival. When we moved I was sick, tired, swollen and generally irritable. By the time I went into the hospital we still weren't completely unpacked. I feel like that has carried over through the past year. I'm ready to shed that feeling. The goals for our house this year---

Þ    Sell our dining room furniture that is entirely too large for the room that it is in.
Since starting this post we have already accomplished this and took a deposit for the furniture this weekend….WOOT!!WOOT!! But now all that furniture needs to be cleaned out and that stuff put places or purged.
Þ    Pick out paints colors and subsequently paint the walls ALL the walls.
I suppose this should seem like an easy task. I LOVE color, bold colors, but my husband has scared me. You see when he was young he painted quite frequently because his mom frequently changed paint colors, I'm now afraid that I will choose a color and not be fully 100% sold-out to it and I will be stuck. A silly fear yes, but it has kept me from picking out paint colors. He also despises yellow which I love on walls, sunshine yellow, perfect for a kitchen or dining room or maybe even a bathroom.
Þ    After the painting of walls comes the hanging of pictures, DUH!! We have a lot of pictures and will likely need to purchase more.
Þ    I would also like a family framed photo to hang in our foyer. So we will need to get family pictures done.
Þ    There are lots of purchases to make too.
o       A chest to hold our china, since we have sold our dining room set which includes a gigantic china hutch.
o       Storage for the playroom (probably a cabinet and cubbies)
o       Storm doors for the front and back of the house. I love to keep the doors open in the spring and the fall but we don't have storm doors.
o       A garage door opener, you know so we can actually put cars in the garage.
Þ    Re-arrange our bedroom, maybe buy more functional furniture and have a headboard and footboard again. The furniture we are using I bought 8 years ago, when I bought my first house, from Value City Furniture. It's not the best of stuff, the drawers stick, you can't make MDF smooth, but it works for now.
Þ    Finally, PURGE, PURGE, PURGE… We have A LOT of baby clothes and baby gear and even if we might, maybe could be considering having one more we still have far too much stuff and not enough room to store it, plus I mentioned before I've seen the show Hoarders and it's scary. I never want to even think about dipping a toe close to my house looking like that even in one room or a storage closet. So we will be selling what we can at my upcoming MOMs consignment sale, then takes pictures of what doesn't sell and donate or maybe dabble a little on Craig's List.

So do you have any goals for the four walls you live inside? Paint, Furniture, Room Re-organzing, Purging…. Tell me 'bout it..

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