Tuesday, January 12, 2010

It's Tuesday

That's right friends its Tuesday, Truthful Tuesday to be more precise. Elizabeth at Confessions from a Working Mom hosts this little blog hop, it's just another way to share more bits of seemingly useless bits information about myself special insights about me.


Today's question-


What talent do you wish you have… but don't?



Well truthfully I can think of a lot of talents I would love to have--


The ability to decorate, making my home homey rather than the mess of boring old white that it is, to be able to pick paint colors, pictures, decorations, fabrics. Giving my home a warm feel, making it comfortable and inviting.


To go along with decorating creating stunning flower arrangements to display throughout my new "home"; I know fresh flowers can be expensive so let's also add the talent of gardening since I have a bit of a black thumb.


To be able to sing the kind of singing that stirs people and causes goose-bumps to have goose-bumps like when Whitney Houston sang the Star Spangled banner to open the Super Bowl, I want to be able to sing like that.  Now don't get me wrong I do sing, to my kids, they have no idea I stink and it usually elicits eye-rolls from the hubs. I sing at church, I sing my heart out to worship music. Alas, I know that I am no good.


Oh to dance!! I have a moneymaker that deserves to be shaken unfortunately its attached to a girl who can only to the "White Girl Dance". Some of my best dances are while seated in the chair. I can tear up some chair dancing, but once my feet hit the floor all hope is lost.


All those are indeed great talents that I would love to have but my talent of choice is words; whether spoken or written to be able to use words to illicit emotions, to convey the feelings I feel deep within myself, to come across to my friends/family in person and on my blog with true raw emotion. To be able to use words to show my heart, to show love, to show fear, to show compassion, to show anger or sadness.  I hope to be using my blog to develop such a talent as this.


Mindi said...

Oh yeah! I wished I could sing that well too-goosebumps are good! :)

CJ said...

It's not Rosealla b/c he has had no fever. Just like 99 and no respiratory illness.

Confessions From A Working Mom said...

Decorating.... singing... dancing... but I love what you wrote about the gift of words, of language. I am with you on that one, too.

Confessions From A Working Mom

Jen said...

I would LOVE to be able to sing, but since I have had surgery on my vocal cords, twice, that is out the window for me. I have TONS of white walls, too. I am scared to paint.

Anonymous said...

What I have learned about color for your home, is just to do it. If you hate, you can always paint it again. It's just color, ya know?

Great blog!

Toni @ Hemp & High Heels