Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Late again..{SIGH} Time to dish the Truth

It's still Tuesday for a little while longer and luckily I didn't miss Truthful Tuesday with Elizabeth at Confessions from a Working Mom. Elizabeth took off last week so we didn't dish truth. She is back with a vengeace in the New Year and despite the fact that today was a realtively crap day I was having a hard time with an answer to the question. As I was paying the bills tonight (BLECH!!) it hit me like a ton of bricks square between the eyes. UMMM duh Heidi this is such an easy answer you were just thinking to hard about it.

Confessions from a Working Mom

So now that I have piqued your interest the question-

Have you ever lost something and came out better for it??

I moved to Virginia in 2001 at the ripe old age of 23 fully and completely at the leading of the Lord. I lived on a friends couch for 3 months until I purchased my very first home in June of that year. Life was good, I spent my days working my tail off and the evening at my friends enjoying her and her family. I loved my home and my life. Just after a year at my job the pastor of my church died suddenly of a massive heart attack it was devasting for our entire congregation, one week after the funeral I lost my job. I shaken. I spent the next few months helping the same dear friends with there children as they picked up the pieces from the loss of our pastor. My friends were the youth pastors at our church at the time of his passing. As I collected unemployment and figured the numbers that totalled my house payment, car payment and other bills there was no way I would survive. Month after month I watched as God's provision paid my bills. I am still in awe of the protection I recieved.
Several months later my friends decided it was time for a move and they left for New York. I felt lost, I spent so much of my time with them and their children. What would I do?? That's when I found him, as in my husband and we became the best of friends. I was in love with him long before he ever knew, but am so grateful for the solid foundation we have as friends.

There you have it a few losses and tremendous gains that clearly had a formidable role in who I am today.

So what have you lost, only to end up a winner??

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Arizona Mamma said...

Andy and I totally started as friends too. I'm thinking he was having feelings for me first thought ;)

Confessions From A Working Mom said...

Wow, what's that saying about things always seeming the darkest right before the dawn? Aren't you so lucky you didn't throw in the towel... you wouldn't have the beautiful family you do today!

Confessions From A Working Mom

Jen said...

What a great story! As I say to myself at times, "God really does know what he is doing." thanks for stopping by my blog!