Sunday, January 3, 2010

I know you more!!!

It's Sunday Funday with Keely. Man! this weekend, I tell ya I have been one busy bee, that explains my late arrival to yet another blog party. I resolve (AHEM!!) to be better this week.

So Keely has some burning questions that are just begging to be answered by yours truly...

1. Where were you born?
Baltimore, MD
Seems appropriate since I mentioned Baltimore to advise you in case you didn't know that the Ravens are headed to the play-offs (YEAH BE-BAY!!!)... I also should remind any nay-sayers that as a wildcard team the Ravens danced their way to a Super Bowl victory before.

2. Toilet you crinkle/crumple or fold it?
I don't think I get it. I mean I usually just wipe are there techniques to toilet paper?? Are these the kinds of things I would have learned if I had gone to college?

3. What was the last movie you saw in the theater?
Brace yourself, Evan Almighty, yeah that long...

4. What room to you spend the most time in besides your bedroom?
The kitchen/family room, it's one big room with no walls so food prep, kids playing, TV, laptop the whole nine in that area.

5. Would you be grossed out if you found out your husband/boyfriend/significant other hadn't brushed their teeth for 4 days and you had been snogging (kissing) them?
Wouldn't happen, not in a bajillion years, things would die when the hubs opened his mouth after two days of no brushing. Seriously.

6. Do you fold your underwear?
Not mine, it easier to shove and cram. Don't tell my mom though if she saw that hot mess of a drawer she would dump it upside down in the middle of my room and make me fold everything. Did anyone else get a punishment like this growing up because they didn't keep there drawers neat enough to close?

7. What is one goal you would like to achieve this year?
Woooo-weee that is a loaded question. I would say number one is more one-on-one (no kids) quality alone time with my husband.

8. What is your favorite month/least favorite month?
Favorite I would say September, the end of summer, beginning of fall, my anniversary, we use it as our vacation month as well I guess til the kids are in school. Least favorite- any month I don't get an extra day off for a holiday from work. I would say August 'cept it's my baby boy's birthday month.

Come on know you know the blog hop rules. Go answer the questions and link up to Keely (she's got over 30 links already and I'm sure it would blow her away to have more) or leave a comment here.
Til tomorrow,


Megan M. said...

OH, yes ma'am my mom would dump out my drawer, too! Funny!

Laura said...

Holy funny!! My mom totally did that, I still don't get it!! :)

Arizona Mamma said...

Okay...I am SURE I have told you how hilarious you are. But I don't know if you get it. It's not often that I read a blog that actually has me laughing out loud. Your stuff about the T.P. and your husband's breath killing off stuff in the house. Freakin Hil-ar-ious!

MannMom3 said...

you are one hilarious chick! I love it! Thanks for joining in..See ya next week..right??!!


Jen said...

hopped over here from MannLand5 link! Love your ans. about your mom and your underwear. My mom hasn't done that, but one summer when were both nursing assistants at the same nursing home, she would go back and remake ALL my hospital corners. UGH...I tried, but I figured if the bedspread hid them...what was the point of them being perfect.