Thursday, January 14, 2010

First Words

As a mother I'm excited to watch my babes grow and enter new phases and learn new things. This excitement would definitely include the first word. I'm quite sure Dade's first word was ball; he is all boy and loves all sports involving a ball. Now, I'm not a baby book kind of mama so I have no official recording, I'm just trying to remember. It was with great anticipation that at least one of the girls first word would be Mama, not just the noise but the actual recognition that they wanted me. I would instantly be whisked to a happy place where birds are singing, flowers are blooming, there is even a rainbow in the sky. If I, the actual Mom, was blessed enough to be the first word. SO what do they utter first….

NO! (actually nonononononononono, accompanied with violent head shaking)(Brennan)

STOP! (actually yelled & accompanied with a finger raised in the air)(Coralee)

Dreams squashed… All the more reason to have a 4th right?

P.S.-Those are pictures from Christmas #2 in their super cute dresses.


Laura said...

Why? WHY is it never Mama?? It's so unfair! Braden's first word was ball too, such a boy thing, I love it.

I am Lee-Ann... said...

Great first words, lol.

Kate said...

All three of my children's first words were Mama. But that was because I worked on them constantly ;-)

Thanks for your encouragement on my blog - this shred is tough, but I know it's for my own good.

Helga said...

My youngest was the only one to say Mamma first. I was so proud and my husband was there when he said it so he couldn't deny it :o)