Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Thanks & Truth

I talked about a contest here. Remember? Some of you have gone over to check-out Arizona Momma's site and left me a referral. Thank you so much!!! I now have 5 votes, I would still love for you to click here and leave me a referral, oh and while your there check out some of Arizona Momma's Tasty Tuesday (great recipes) or tell her how cute her kids are…

Today is also Tuesday and that means it's time to dish up some truth with Elizabeth at Confessions from a Working Mom. I have to admit Elizabeth threw me for a loop last week with the ghost question, but we are back on the holiday track with a very apropos Christmas question.

Do you believe in Santa Claus?

We celebrated Santa when I was growing up. Under our tree was empty on Christmas Eve and we sat out cookies and milk. The excitement on Christmas morning would wake my brother and me up before the sun. We would sneak into my room and open the gifts in our stockings. Words can not begin to describe the thrill, forget the fact that we had no chimney, details like that were so unimportant. Around the age of 9, I suspected the Santa I knew of may not be real, as in a jolly ole man in a red suit. I lay awake in bed for a long time until I heard stirring in the hallway, I flung open my bedroom door and there stood my father, in his underwear, with an armload of presents. He looked at me and said, "Your right there is no Santa Claus, now go back to bed and don't tell your brother." Initially I felt a sense of accomplishment that I had "revealed" the truth, but as the years went on I missed the excitement and thrill. Christmas became Ho-HUM instead of HO-HO-HO, but I was missing the essence of Santa. Santa can be a jolly old man that people dress up to be and little children can sit on his lap, either smiling or crying, there is so much more to him than that.  Several years ago I became familiar with Angel Tree and Operation Christmas Child these programs refreshed spirit of Santa Claus in me, shopping for children that will never see me or know that I am the one who purchased the gift, yet my heart is full that they will be blessed. Giving of my time to go to a nursing home and sing carols, watching the faces of the residents light up. That is Santa.. and now seeing the excitement in my own child's eyes. Yes, I believe

The true meaning of Christmas will always be Christ's birth to me and that is what we will teach our children first, but Santa is very real in action and deed at this time of year.

Please be sure to check out Elizabeth's post, she has an amazing way with her words and if you're so inclined answer her question on your blog and link up or leave a comment.

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!


Confessions From A Working Mom said...

You are so sweet... I'm glad this week's question was right on track for you!

I laughed out loud at your revelation that Santa was really your dad in his underwear... my DH must think I'm crazy over here at the computer, chuckling to myself. Now, it's YOU who embodies some of that generous spirit :) It's a cool feeling!


Chell said...

Hope you and your family has a very Merry Christmas!