Monday, December 28, 2009

A little holiday..

I'm back from a little bloggy holiday. I hope you and yours had a fabulous holiday and were able to share it with the ones you loved. I must say I didn't take nearly as many pictures as I would have liked and as I mentioned in an earlier post I did not actually get my new camera yet, but I will have one soon and I can hardly wait.

On Christmas Eve, the kiddos got their Christmas PJ's.

The babies went to bed before I could get a picture.

 Then Santa got busy, all the wrapping needed to be done. I learned many lessons this Christmas season two of which were buy the tree earlier (like on Black Friday) & wrap the presents before Christmas Eve.

This was just Christmas at our house.

Could he look any happier?

A kitchen

Racecar, Woo Hoo, What's next?

The two of them in one shot. This is as good as it gets.

Nice outfit right? (And what is the deal with my brother's face??)

In true kid fashion Brennan preferred to be pulled around on a cardboard box.

Somebody is cooking something.

For me personally, I recieved only a few gifts from family, I love everyone of them, but this one holds a special place.

Homemade sationary and a little homemade box to put it in, made by my sweet boy. Soo cute, I could just squeeze that kid forever.

The remainder of Friday I slaved over cake balls, which did not turn out perfect, and chili. I know I've said it before but when I do something I expect perfection, maybe I shouldn't have tried to make three kinds. My cake balls were not worthy of pictures but they did taste OH SO VERY YUMMY!! My favorite combo was lemon cake with leamon frosting dipped in white chocolate. What are cake balls you ask, well just go check out Bakerella? I heard about them on my bloggy friend Kate's site (she is hysterical & I agree with her take on cake balls). Next time I will make pops because they seem easier... anywho back to Christmas.
On Saturday we headed to Maryland to see extended family and my children received more loot. I have ZERO photos because I'm such a good mama like that. Yeah.. The girls looked super cute in there dresses. Coralee had no problem waltzing into a room full of relative strangers (to a 13 month old) Brennan on the other hand was a basket case and took about 30 minutes to warm to the idea that we may be there for a while. We opened presents, ate, played with new toys, ate, tried to run Papa ragged going up the steps and ate some more. Did I mention we ate? Oh and the cake balls despite their ugliness were a smashing success. Then we headed home.

I am beginning to twitch at the amount of stuff and the mess in my living room/office, but I plan on ringing in the new year by purging alot of old toys and making a healthy goodwill run or maybe saving it for a consigment sale.

Oh in case you cared the chili (I use black beans) was delicious and I believe I have a new tradition. Christmas dinner = chili and cornbread.


Arizona Mamma said...

You are like the third person I have read about eating chili for Christmas or Christmas Eve. I have something for you at my blog whenever you want to come get it. Oh, and I have to do an update, but you must be hounding people to come by, you are in the lead for sure on the contest.

Laura said...

Oh cuteness, the kids look like they had an awesome time! I had all intention of wrapping Santa's gifts early too and ended up doing it at 1am, why do we do that to ourselves? Glad you had a great Christmas and bloggy break...just don't do it again! :) Just kidding. :)