Monday, December 14, 2009

A Post of Self-Promotion, the UN-shameless kind...

So if you have been following peeping at my blog for any amount of time you know the design/layout has changed many times. Like as frequently as some people change their underwear, ok maybe a little less frequently than that, but you get my drift right? Well, all of my designs are borrowed from the free layout web-sites that any 'ole random person could grab. I love to visit other blogs to see the cute layouts and buttons. I long for my very own customized bit of cuteness but those cost money or you have to understand a little bit of HTML. Unfortunately a blog makeover isn't in the budget right now and I'm quite sure if I suggested it to the hubs he would give me the hairy eyeball, since you know blogging is free. And understanding HTML is like asking if a speak Mandarin (p-Shaaa, No)
So you can imagine how delighted I was when I read this post by the Arizona Momma. She is having a CONTEST not a giveaway that I could win with your help. You, yes you, could help fulfill my bliggity blog dreams...ok no pressure it's really not that hard to help me. You see Arizona Momma just went through a blog makeover thanks to Jenna at Bloggy Blog Designs. She got a cute header, a button, custom colors all tailored to her liking and she LOVES it, I mean how could you not, so much she wanted to share with her followers. I've been following her for a while since she left a sweet comment on my blog. See that IS a super cute button.

So, you want to know how to help me, click here to add a referral (comment) on her contest blog post. Please be sure to mention me Heidi @ From3to5. You do not have to have a blog or a google account to give me a referral, but if you do and choose to follow Arizona Momma I get another referral. The person with the most referrals on the 1st of January wins the contest.

So, you could click the link and type something like this-

Arizona Momma, I think Heidi @ From3to5 deserves this makeover. She writes the absolutely wittiest and funny posts, she is a true genius in the blogging field if only she could have a custom design.

Or you could write something a little more truthful.

Thank you so much in advance to my faithful followers and stalkers for helping a girl realize her dream.


Arizona Mamma said...

You are hilarious! Seriously. This was a great post. Thanks so much for participating. Best of luck to you. By the way...following now ;)

Arizona Mamma said...

P.S. How do you leave a link in a comment? See, you know more than I do about this stuff!