Saturday, December 19, 2009

OH! the weather outside is....

SNOWY!!! Yots and yots and yots in the words of my sweet son...

Our tree is here, up and decorated. As I mentioned in yesterday's post Jon and Dade were heading to Costco to pick up the tree after dinner and before the snow started.  Well, apparently Costco expects that everyone should have their tree by the 2nd weekend in December and had since stopped selling them last Sunday. So off they headed to the local nursery to pay twice as much for half the tree...Maybe this year I learned my lesson on tree procrastination, maybe..

Putting on the Star (Can you tell Jon is trying not to fall into the tree?)

Trying not to drop Dade in the tree .

Our little tree is short and stout and cute

This is the spot that Dade decorated.




The other day a girl I work with who teaches RAINBOWS at her church had an extra graham crakcer house for Dade to decorate. It was a surprise after sissys went to sleep and he loved it. His face in these photos is just too cute.
Dade has added anew Christmas Carol to his rotation. "The Little Poor Boy, Rumpa, Rumpa"


Laura said...

Holy snow! Where's the snowman? :) Love the tress, looks like the kids had fun, and the house is adorable!

Kate said...

Oh my word you have a little bit of snow there, doncha?

Your kids are adorable and I LOVE their names :-)

Arizona Mamma said...

I would love it if you would send some snow this way! By the way, you had a little surge of people come and name you in my comments. You are in the lead now, I will update soon. Good luck!