Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sunday Funday- Getting to Know You

Keely at MannLand5 is taking it easy on us this week and offering up questions with a one word answer, wish me luck sticking with the plan.

1. Middle name? Virginia (obviously I had that since birth and it is not related to the state where I was born or concieved, it's a family thing and a complete coincidence that I live in VA now)

2. What do you think is your best asset (physical)?Either my smokin' hot hair or my gray eyes.

3. If you could only eat one type of cuisine for a year, what would it be (Mexican, American,Chinese..etc.)? I think I would go for Italian, though the cheese consumption wouldn't do much for my waist line.

4. Walmart or Target? Target, all the way.

5. Favorite State besides the one you live in?I haven't seen too many states but I love Colorado.

6. What side of the bed do you sleep on, left or right?If you are looking at it the right, when I'm in it's the left.

7. King or Queen size bed?King

8. Beer or wine?Neither, Margarita on the rocks with salt please.

9. or room temp?Ice-cold

10. it or hate it?Love the true meaning and the celebration of that. Don't always enjoy the over commerialization.

So I failed at one word. If you want to play along link up to Keely or leave your answers in the comments. Happy Sunday!!!


Kate said...

I couldn't keep mine to one word either! I forgot about Italian...oh how did THAT happen?!

Laura said...

Absolutely Italian!! :) And Target rocks, no doubt.

Brianne said...

Love you!! Margaritas are my fav!! Now I am craving one thanks!!