Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Bloggy Christmas Present

I woke yesterday morning to find another present had been left under the tree, the Arizona Momma gave me this sweet little award. Arizona Momma is the one holding the contest, I may have mentioned a time or two or five. She has a beautiful blog of blue and yellow and posts a recipe every Tuesday called Tasty Tuesday oh oh and she has super cute hair.

So the rules for this cute little award: thank the giver, link to their blog, list 5 things about yourself and pass it on to five more people.


Soooooo 5 things about lil ole me...

1. I do all the laundry fold it and leave it in the basket. I loathe and depise putting away and hanging clothes. Right now I have 5 baskets of clean laundry in my room.
2. I am way addicted to Cherry Coke. I LOVE IT!!
3. When I blow my nose it sounds like a foghorn, no joke, even the hubs makes fun of it and my girls laugh when I blow my nose.
4. I have an over sensitive gag reflex that makes brushing my teeth difficult.
5. Before marriage and kids I swore I would never ever drive a minivan. Today I drive a red Dodge Grand Caravan

Aaannnnnd 5 people to pass this lil award on to...

1. Brianne at Mommys Time Today
2. Julia at Sweet as Punkin Pie
3. Dondi at Confession of a Housewife
4. Laura at The Bignell Family

& Finally, I pass it right on back to..
5. Arizona Momma at Our Daze in the Desert

I tell you what this linking stuff is hard work & I'm quite sure it's racking up my internet ticks in the IT department. So if you are on the list and read this before I am able to leave you a comment. Please feel free to accept.


Laura said...

You are too sweet, thanks girl!! Okay, my gag reflexes are horrible too! My husband makes fun of me all the time for gagging at smells and foods. We just bought a new fancy electric toothbrush...makes me gag, big time! :)
Have a wonderful New Years!! :)

Julia said...

awww.... thank you!! so sweet of you!! I will get that up on my blog this weekend!! You totally rock!!!! have a great new year!