Friday, November 13, 2009


Three in one day, clearly I've lost my mind right? Well, no. I love participating in these blog hop/carnivals. Truth be told the pictures from earlier today I did last night, as I disclosed earlier today I am a night owl and that happened to be my "project" last night because I was avoiding paying the bills.

Onto the question-

The (Un)Experienced Mom aka Tamara asked:

I blog because _________

Initially it was to keep out of state family updated on what was happening in our little lives and so they could see pictures of our kiddos as they grow, since traveling with the girls made me want to jab myself in the ears with a hot poker was difficult when they were so young.

Now it is still to keep my family updated with kiddo pics and happenings. But I also enjoy the journaling, the community with people I would have never met had it not been for the internet. Being able to share ideas, suggestions, correction, love and prayers. To cry and laugh with people I will likely never meet. AND I find it to be a therapeutic stress relief


The (Un)Experienced Mom said...

Thanks so much for reminding me to answer my own question! A bit of a brain fart today on my part! (I just answered it over on my blog).

I love hearing people's updates on their kids. I used to have a baby site for the kids, but have gotten lazy and just send pics to our family. (Hubby is from the UK, so all his family are still there). I don't currently post pics of the kids on my blog just b/c being a therapist, I'm a bit leary, you know.

Laura said...

I started blogging for family too and now I feel like you do, it's just a great community and you get help, ideas, etc. I heart blogging. :)

Chell said...

HEY GUESS WHAT??? You need to go check out my last blog post! :)