Friday, November 27, 2009

I missed giving thanks but,

there is no way I'm missing 5QF. I had a Thanksgiving post in my head but ran out of minutes to crack open the laptop and type it our before we had to leave for our family gathering yesterday. As it was we were a smidgen late, but thankfully my family was forgiving.

No work for me today and the little ones are currently confined eating lunch. So I need to move quickly before the bar-b-que chicken quesadillas are gone.

You know the drill.. the questions picked my Mama M. provided by Adrienne and Tyler.

My Little Life

Now I provide my answers..

Do you do a real or fake Christmas tree?
Right now real, but I would really love a time saving pre-lit fake tree. Maybe it will be a post holiday purchase when we can hopefullt get a deep discount.

What is your favorite Christmas tradition with your family?
I love that Jon and I made the decision for our family that we will not travel on Christmas Day. I look forward to the days of the kids waking up discovering their new presents and being able to spend the day playing and discovering these new things, eating and resting; rather than being rushed to get ready and leave the house on the Christmas Tour.

Do you celebrate Thanksgiving in your neck of the woods? And, if many calories do you think you consumed yesterday?
We most certainly do. Contrary to the question above it is our traveling holiday. This year we should have been in Atlanta with Jon's family, but his mom is in Paraguay and funds are tight. Thou I'm a little bummed because we might have been able to meet this family. (Frankly, I would have been beside myself.)
Hmmm calories, honestly no idea. Alot; a WHOLE lot, but I did only have one heaping plate of food and one dessert plate, that is some restraint, right??

Oh geez! Need to hurry the girls are sharing their lunch with their ponytails...

Have you started decorating for Christmas, yet?
Nope, not til next weekend. As I mentioned here it MUST be December before decorating begins. And, Papa is not home today. He is at work working on computer/network mumbo jumbo.

What is your favorite Christmas cookie? **
I have to pick just one. Really, hmmmm... I can't do it. It's a tie between ooooeey gooeey chocolate chip cookies and sugar cookie, both must be homemade of course.

**- I had plenty of time to contemplate this answer between the time I started answering and finished I cleaned up two babes who were done consuming lunch, the kitchen floor that was also done eating lunch and wiped the butt of my potty training(ed) 3 year old.

I would also like to add an edit from last weeks questions. I'm adding to my wish list one of these..

Because seriously, my floor gets wrecked EVERY SINGLE time the girls eat.

Ok, your turn, you know you want to, do you have a different favorite cookie that the world must know about? Share it here in my comments and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE share the recipe or you can leave the lovely Mama M. a shout out. Happy Shopping if you are into the that kind of craziness!!

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Linda said...

Heidi I giggled at your post. Life can be hectic with three little ones I am sure! I am amazed that so many young mothers find the time to blog...but on the other hand I think it provides an outlet for adult conversations and friendships! (:>)

I agree that it is nice if the family can stay home for Christmas and enjoy quality time together. I always wanted to, but always had to travel to another state to be with extended family. I think your solution of making Thanksgiving the travel time is a good one.

We do our Christmas slightly before or afterwards so that our girls can have some time with their families on Christmas day. We have 11 grandkids and we love our times with them, but we respect that they need times alone as families too.

If you get a chance you might visit my blog.

Have a great day!
Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

Lani said...

I just made my favorite cookies yesterday, which I only make once a year when I make apple pie for Thanksgiving.. you take the extra raw pie crust, roll it out and put a layer of sugar& cinnamon, then roll it up and slice into cookies. This is more of a cookie for a pie-crust lover like myself, so not everyone will like these- but they are easy to make and look nice too:)

Mama M. said...

Heidi...I'm a horrible blog friend!! Thank you soooooo much for the award...that's so sweet!!

LOVED reading your answers! Especially the sharing the lunch with the pony tails!! ;) Mama wants a roomba too!!!

Laura said...

You're so funny, I love it!! We get a real tree every year too but I am praying to get a good deal on a really nice fake one close to or after Christmas, I am sick of needles all over my house from a couple little people who's names I will not mention! :)

Brianne said...

Oh I want me a Roomba too! My friend has one and she loves it and I am totally jealous!! Hope you get yours!!