Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Last Week... OH the Drama!!! & lots of parenthesis

Monday: Nothing really happened..
Tuesday: Here we go.. At 10am the nanny called me to tell me she wasn't well and needed to go home immediately SOO I had to leave work not to long after getting there. This is her 7th day missed since starting on the 30th of June. She called after seeing the doctor and resting to say she would not be able to make to work on Wednesday. I gave her notice over the phone that we would be finding a replacement. Jon came home with back pain and I told him to take some Motrin for the pain. Since he had been to Allergicare for his known allergies, to include aspirin, and appeared to be cured; he thought he would give it a try. Needless to say he did not fair well after taking the pills and suffered an allergy attack. We will surely be contacting them regarding the money back guarantee.
Wednesday: Nanny sick day number 8 in less than 3 months. The hubs is also home recovering (Lots of sleep)
Thursday: It's my 4 year anniversary, we had yumm-o chipotle shrimp tacos (easy on the chipotle please, I only used 1 & 1/2) and I got flowers at work.
Friday: While at my house with my kids the nanny e-mails me from my computer, today will be her last day. Wow really, thanks for the notice. YIKES!! Now our replacement has to quit her job with no notice, I hate that it was done to me and now someone else has to do the same to their employer. OYE!!
Saturday: The kiddos head to Titi Angel and Uncle Sean's house. Jon and I go out to dinner, with a gift card (can you say free!!), then home to play video games. (Yes we really enjoyed the evening)
Sunday: After a full uninterrupted night of sleep we headed to Mimi's Cafe for breakfast. then Sunday night Brennan woke up 3 times to make up for Saturday. Thanks baby, mama has to go to work tomorrow.


CJ said...

What the? Now I am scared our nanny will quit. Was this nanny experienced with twins? Did yal not get along? Why isn't it going to work out? Is it too much work? How many nannies have the twins had?

I should have emailed you, but email me back at courtni.jackson@yahoo.com


Adriane said...

That sucks!!! I am interviewing someone for my one day/week that I need to fill and I'm so nervous about absenteeism. It really sucks. I hope the replacement works out. The one girl I used to have that watched them on Thursdays once called me at 7:30am to say she was so sick and couldn't be there at 8am, and then she posted an update on Facebook about how she was going to an afternoon movie with her girlfriends. I was so pissed.

You posted a question about shoes on my last post. The shoes I buy for the girls are See Kai Run. We love these shoes so much - they are super cute, but kinda pricey at $40/pair. I also just bought them each pair of brown suede ones from Target ($15/pair) - we'll see how they hold up in comparison!