Saturday, October 17, 2009

Let's ketchup catch-up

Last week we were all ill, well except for Jon. It all started on Tuesday I felt like crud at work but plowed through. Upon arrival at home two of the three kiddos were running a fever after dinner wasn't pretty. Once the kids were in bed my own fever spiked and I started vomiting. I was out of work and just plain out of it for the next three days. The kids seemed fine with a regiment of Motrin and Tylenol to keep there fever at bay. I wasn't so lucky. By Friday I had to go to the doctor because I needed a note to return to work but also to help with the pressure in my head or the very least to get some sleeping pills to knock me out and allow me to get some solid sleep. It was determined that I indeed had the "crud" and a sinus infection. I am still dealing with a stuffy nose and a horrible cough but feel much better.

As for the kids, our new nanny is wonderful. She is a family friend that my kids call "aunt" and short of myself caring for them I feel they are in the very best hands. Prior to working for us our friend worked at a daycare. A couple of the kids she cared for there have also started coming to our house as part of a nanny share. Both of the other kids are girls that are the same age as Dade. It's great for him to have interaction in a comfortable environment. The playroom downstairs has been transformed into a classroom. The kids sing songs, learn about letters and numbers and do crafts. Dade seems to be having a wonderful time. His major stumbling block is food and choosing to not try the fruits and vegetables offered at lunch time.

Last Friday when I was so ill the girls celebrated 11 months. I unfortunately have no photos to commemorate this moment because I felt like crap. So what are they up to walking, hitting, biting, pulling, shoving, stealing toys and be generally loving to each other. Coralee has turned into quite the daredevil climbing on EVERYTHING. She is also very loud and has a lot to say all of the time. Brennan has become more inquisitive and sneaky. Both girls refuse any and all baby food and will only eat table food. There isn't much they don't like which is wonderful. Coralee still favors veggies and fruits. Brennan loves pastas and bread. Now 11+ months into it and they still do not sleep through the night.

As we rapidly approach the 1 year mark I am frantically planning a rainbow birthday party.

Here are the invites. I will also be making a rainbow cake and cupcakes. As for the food, it will be catered.

This past Tuesday Jon started a new job. We are working together again. He accepted an IT position at the company where I work. We don't see each other much except at lunch and in the car ride to and from work, but this week was nice to have lunch each day with my husband.

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Adriane said...

I am so glad your Nanny situation is working out. I was really worried! Love the invites = hope the party is a huge success.

Hope you guys are feeling better soon! How cool to be working at the same place. I would love some alone time with my hubby, even if it was lunch a few times/week!