Tuesday, August 18, 2009

And I was worried about getting them in the car...

Last Friday was my first trip solo with all three kids and trying to figure out the logistics of getting everyone in the van and buckled since the girls have graduated to the rear-facing convertible car seats. Out doctor's office squeezed us in for 1 well-child and 2 well-baby visits at 8am. This meant I needed to be driving away from the house at 7:30 at the very latest. I decided to park the van in front of the house because I felt comfortable leaving the front door open to hear a potentially crying baby. I placed Brennan in a walker on the carpet, since the girls do not yet have enough leg strength to move them off the carpet, then Dade, Coralee and myself headed to the van. Dade got in his seat and I strapped in Coralee. I instructed Dade to watch the door and make sure he didn't see Brennan. Headed back inside grabbed Brennan and locked the front door. A relatively smooth process however we didn't pull away from the front curb until 7:36, we were going to be late, but not by much. I have the A/C cranking because it's already warm outside and the van was super toasty inside. Then I hear some ominous coughing from the back. I ask Dade if one of the babies spit up he says "no". It's about 7:50 we are right by the hospital and I hear it.. puking. I glance back and see curdled formula on Coralee's leg. I call Jon, he works at the hospital by the doc's office, and ask him to meet us because Coralee has just thrown up. We are definitely going to be late now. I pull in a parking spot and get out to get Brennan in the stroller. Lo and behold we have been hit by the random puking times two and I have no change of clothes for the babies in the diaper bag.

Lessons learned- Start the car 10 minutes before departure so it is cool for my babies, Leave the house 20-30 minutes earlier than you originally intend, and ALWAYS have an extra change of clothes in the diaper bag.

The girls got caught up on some shots and had a blood draw (Papa handled that) to check their hemoglobin.

Dade's stats - 33lbs (75%)
38 inches (75%)

Coralee's stats - 20lbs 12oz.
29 1/2 inches
17 inch head size

Brennan's stats - 20lbs 12oz.
29 inches
17 1/2 inch head size

It's freaky weird that the girls weigh exactly the same. Coralee feels lighter, I guess that is because she is taller.

Oh and no anemia for either girl..

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