Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Please call me the best blogger of the year..

Oh no wait all those posts I write at 2 am while feeding one baby or another never actually make it into the computer. Silly silly me, I'm so confused. I'm still here, still plugging away at the daily grind.

What have we been up to since I last posted OVER a week ago (and I wonder why I have a few followers and fewer comments).

I made a corn dog on a stick by take mini corn dogs and putting them on a chopstick, because he wanted the big kind and I aim to please when serving junk food for dinner. I do however love to cook and have some smashing recipes that I think I am going to share with my masses of loyal followers, maybe a recipe share. Don't hold your breathe though it might take me a few weeks to get myself in gear.

Both girls are all about making faces, talking, crawling, standing, clapping, booty shaking and cruising whenever possible, oh and still aren't big fans of the whole sleeping thing.

Yes that really is a smile. (B)

Also a smile and it is accompanied by blowing air from her nose, so cute. (C)

The girls are in LOVE with Jumbo Rice Krispies and now recognize the box. We have also tried pancakes, bluberries, grapes and peach. I love watch them grow and develop and am so excited to see them moving toward table food, but watching them sometimes choke/gag because they get something stuck on their tongue is so disheartening. The girls now also take baths in the big bath tub and love the water.

Our nanny was sick again this week, so Jon took off Monday to be with the kids. I was off yesterday. We took a trip to Costco to grab a few things. Who knew Costco didn't open until 10, we were there at 9:30 and hung out in the parking lot for 1/2 hour. I only ended up being in the store for 15 minutes and had everything we needed. Jon came home after a doctor appointment and for the first time this summer we ventured to our neighborhood pool as a family. Oh my was that exhausting. The girls are a little small for the kiddie pool because they want to crawl around and the water came up to their chests when they were standing. When we went to the zero entry pool they would charge in.. crazy cooks. Dade on the other hand was happy to hang on the outskirts. We were there for a little over an hour and of course I got burned.
Today we recieved a package in the mail from my parents; a case of formula. Such a sweet gift and we are so blessed. The reason I mention this, this web-site. If I had only known I could have been saving $20 per case of formula since the girls had been born, that's a hefty chuck of change and no tax or shipping charge.

Dade has taken a couple of trips to the potty and we are working on understanding the potty sensations. So hopefully soon, he will really be interested in the potty. Above he is showing off his muscles after taking his vitamins.

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Adriane said...

You are so funny. I love the corndog - freaking hysterical. Whatever it takes.

The girls are getting so big - sounds like they are into so much already! OK, I didn' know about that site for formula. I could have saved a ton. We are so glad to be done with formula!

I'm in for a recipe share, but don't expect me to actually cook the recipes. I haven't really cooked in months! :-)