Sunday, August 9, 2009

9 Months

The girls are nine months old today. I believe we will have there well-baby visit, along with Dade's 3 year (tomorrow) well child check on Friday, so I hope to post their stats then as well as what they are currently up to learning.

But for tonight photos of all three of my babies at nine months to see if those lurking family members of you reading can tell our three wee ones apart. (And I think one of them is a gimme)

Tomorrow we will have a three year old celebration and after everyone is tucked safely in bed another photo post. :o)


Anonymous said...

1) Brennan, 2) uhh...Dade I think, 3)Coralee ~Cheryl

Anonymous said...

Dena and I agree with Cheryl

Anonymous said...

HEY!!! No fair having content and then not letting us know if we are a winner! ~Cheryl

Heidi said...

Sorry sorry sorry, you were right Cheryl. As were my parents. So how did you do it? Hours of meticulous scrutinizing of pictures. :o)