Monday, August 3, 2009


This weekend I spent time teaching, more like reminding, Dade of his full name and address. I also told him Mama's and Papa's real name. I remember being shocked in elementary school that my parents weren't named Mommy and Daddy, yeah maybe I wasn't so quick when i was younger. Anyway, as you would imagine with an almost three year old he had a couple of cute things to add to this "training".

Me- What is your Name?

D- Dade Juan, go in time out.

Me-Really?? Why do you have to go in time-out?

D- No, mama that me name.

Me- Your name is Dade Juan W------. What is Papa's name?

D- Papa what you name?

Me- Papa's name is Juan

D- NO, Papa name is Jon Juan W------

Me- What is my name?

D- Dunno, what you name mama?

Me- My name is Heidi Virginia W------

D- You name is Mama W------ (erupts in uncontrollable laughter)

After he gathered himself we reviewed Coralee's full name, Brennan's full name, Baby Jaguar's full name and Paw Print's full name(after all they are family members).

Dade also moved to a booster seat in the van this weekend. I would just like to say it is SOO wonderful that he only needs a seat belt to hold him in and he can push the button himself to get out, so I only have to have half of myself hanging out of the side of the van when buckling him in and it's so much quicker than the car seat. Next weekend the girls will be moving out of their infant carriers and into rear facing convertible car seats. I'm excited and nervous. Excited to not feel like my back is separating while carrying them both in the carriers, nervous about how in the world I will carry both of them, the diaper bag, and get everyone strapped in the car by myself. Anybody experienced this yet? We do not have an attached garage, so I either have to walk down the back steps and around the garage or park out front ad walk down more steps.


Pink-CJ said...

No, I have no experience with that. My boys are 7 months and I am looking to you for help!! :)

Anonymous said...

You had to be in stitches with that conversation!! I too remember being quite taken aback when I learned that my mommy and daddy had other names! And then my daddy not only had one other name, but several..."Babe" to family, "Fred" to others...then several years later I learned that "Fred" was actually "Max"...wooboy were they some confusing years!! Love ya, Cheryl

Heather said...

"dade juan go in time out" is one of the funniest things ever.

i can't help you out with the car thing since we couldn't even afford to get a minivan. so we do not a car right now big enough to fit all three girls with their seats! come october, we will be n the same situation as you are in now though. i hope you get some answers so i can come back and check them out!

i would probably put one baby in a safe gated area in the house while strapping in the other. it is not ideal though, i recognize that.