Monday, July 20, 2009

Look Familiar??

The video above may look familiar to family and friends’ seeing as this was the modus operandi for our firstborn, but you will notice this child is wearing a dress. After waking from her nap yesterday Brennan, channeling the spirit of Mowgli, decided this was her new method of transportation. This morning she has since reverted back to “normal” crawling, but it brought a tear to the eye of her Papa to remember how big brother used to get around. Then to top the evening off, while the girls were using me as a jungle gym to assist with standing little miss decided she would remove her hand from my knee and stood on her very own. She was so tickled with herself she started laughing and had to put her hand back, but she stood for about 20 seconds all by herself. She then kept trying for the remainder of the evening but was not as successful. Unfortunately the camera was not handy to capture this moment, but it warmed my heart to know that I saw it first.
In Coralee news her top two teeth have broken through the gums, HALLELUJAH!! She is back to sleeping more consistently and eating from a spoon. Also, right before dinner tonight she decided to try her hand at standing as well. She didn't quite as long as her sister but as equally tickled with herself.
And of course Dade, he currently is VERY into picking out his own clothes (read not matching, sweatpants and sweatshirts in July). But hey who am I to completely squash his independence. Oh and he may have been heard muttering "What the Heck" earlier today to me when I asked for a diaper, not too sure where he may have heard that. Oh.Um. Yeah that would be me, "What the heck, why is he listening to me?"

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