Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My Favorite Friend

Dade loves to read. We did not really start reading to him much until after he turned one. Recently one of his favorite books is Stories to Grow on, Jesus Loves Me. When he was younger we used this book to identify object because there were just far to many works to hold his attention. He now loves to listen to the little stories and his most favorite are on sharing and best friends.

Sharing is about sharing toys but not having to share your blankie. When we read the story Dade talks about sharing with his sisters and his friends, but not having to share paw print or baby jaguar (pictured below).

Paw Print Blanket

Baby Jaguar

The other treasured story from the book is about best friends. When we read this story Dade will go on and on about his favorite friend Joshua. On Saturday night while saying his prayers, he looked up at me and said, "Mama I NEED to go to Joshua's house." With all of his almost three year old might he would not leave the subject alone until I finally said, "We will ask Ms. Nicole (Joshua's mom) at church tomorrow if you can come over." I thought surely he would forget, but Sunday morning sure enough the first thing out of his mouth was about going to Joshua's house and he would not let it go. Nicole and I talked at church and made semi-permanent plans for their family to come to our house after dinner on Sunday night. Normally, Sundays nights are a rush to prepare for the week, with ironing, grocery shopping and such, but all of that was finished and we were excited to have guests. When Dade woke from his nap I told him after dinner there would be a surprise, thinking that for whatever reason if it fell through I could pull something else off as a surprise. Well wouldn't you know my bright littel guy looked at me and said, "My favorite friend, Joshua is coming over." Jon and I just looked at each other shocked and kind of glossed over his comment.
Around 6:40 there was a knock at the door and I told Dade his surprise was here. He got so excited thinking he was going to Joshua's house that he grabbed his shoes. He quickly caught on when I went to the front door and came running behind me. This is pretty close to the look he had on his face.

Then he said, "Joshua my favorite boy, come into my house." (SO CUTE!!) They played and played and played. Then they did goofy things like run back an forth between the couches in our family room and laugh hysterically. It was so sweet to watch. Their love for each other is sweet and genuine. When it was time to say good-bye Dade crumbled into a huge mess, but again as I was tucking him into bed Sunday night he told me that Joshua was his favorite friend and he NEEDED to go to his house.

And of course no post would be complete without some twinny cuteness. Taken this morning from the wrong side of the gate. They have figured out there is no gate in the kitchen door so they can crawl through to the front part of the house.


Brennan (very toothy)

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Lindsay said...

You asked how I take my kids out to do things by myself...and while I do NOT claim to know it all. (Most days I can't even remember my own name!) But this is how I'm partially succeeding in taking my crazy 4 out alone...The very first thing I do is set my expectations at zero. Seriously, I can't tell you the number of times we've attempted something and gone down in flames. When we went to the lake my twins stayed in the stroller most of the time. I fed them lunch, and took them out one at a time to play with them. The lake is pretty easy to do because it's very shallow and the kids stay right at the edge. I was sitting maybe 3 ft from the edge of the lake and could have been in with them in a flash if I needed to. When we're walking in a parking lot or mall, my older two have to hold the edge of the stroller since I cannot hold both of their hands AND push the stroller. I am always on the lookout for "warning signs" that we're going to start crashing and burning. At that point, we cut our losses and leave! I never stay anywhere too long. I always have snacks and juice boxes handy. I am no longer afraid of having one of the kids melt-down in public. They're kids. I just deal with it as best I can and try to make a quick exit.