Tuesday, July 14, 2009

8 Months & 1 Month until 3

I'm a bit late with this. Last week the girls cleared the 8 month mark. Currently they are sick again. They finished the round of antibiotics for the ear infections and were stuffy again the very next day.

My oh my the things they are up to these days.

Both girls-

  • Crawl everywhere, quickly

  • Can sit from the crawling position

  • Pull up

  • Cruise along furniture

  • Carry toys while crawling

  • Babble alot and say 'mama' when very upset of tired

  • Get "stuck" underneath the kitchen table and chairs and cry.

  • Play with each other

  • Laugh at each other (hysterical to witness)

  • Pull each other's hair

  • Not sleeping through the night :o(

  • Sleep on their bellies


  • Has two teeth, working on three more

  • Is definitely the sneaky silent one

  • Face is broken out from all the drooling

  • Still will not roll from her back to her belly

  • Has a recent aversion to spoon feeding

  • Prefers veggies over fruit to eat

  • Has a high pitch voice and girlie laugh

  • Sits on her knees with her feet by her bottom and bounces up and down


  • Has 5 teeth

  • Is still rather brutish

  • LOVES to eat

  • Has a deep belly laugh

  • Tickles her sister

  • Can easily entertain herself

  • Can move between pieces of furniture

Taking a little soda break


And let's not forget about this guy. He is one month away from his third birthday. He loves all sports, both playing and watching on TV, still not interested in the potty and today put himself down for a nap. I was shocked to say the least.

**I have been home the past two days because our nanny has a fever. So far so good on that front. Dade has finally stopped asking for the old nanny and the girls smile every morning when they see her.

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Adriane said...

They are doing so much!!! Crazy!