Wednesday, June 10, 2009

To Do List for the evening of 6/10/09

1. Eat Dinner
2. Bathe Dade
3. Watch Wipe-out (Dade loves this show. He calls it Big Balls)
4. Put the girls to bed
5. Lower the mattresses of the baby girls beds!! Why?

It started like this innocently enough on her knees. Oh! and you can see her teeth.

Then mama started talking to her. (That's a rare cameo of me, thankfully my husband did not capture my behind.WHEW!)

"Oh hey Papa you caught me"

"Who ME?? What are you talking about?"

"Why yes indeed I'm standing in my bed"

The nanny told Jon when he got home from work that she heard the girls making very loud noises after their nap and when she went in they were both standing in their cribs. When he told me after I got home from work I thought there is no way. I mean I know they pull up on our legs when we sit on the floor, but neither one of these jokers has been able to roll from her back to belly so how would they have the strength to pull up. So after they had dinner we went up stairs to be proven wrong and it happened rather quickly.

Coralee wasn't in the mood to preform, but her mattress got lowered too, just for giggles.


Adriane said...

Those pics are great! Wasn't lowering the cribs painful? Geesh, they make it so tough!

Heidi said...


Jon got the joy of doing that. I just helped to tie the bumpers back on when he was done. While he was lowering the bed I was wrangling kids and bathing Dade. He did end up sweating though.