Thursday, June 18, 2009

It's a whole new world

The girls are everywhere, even a summer (if you can call it summer) cold isn't slowing them down. While they are still not officially crawling because their bellies don't leave the ground they are getting places and getting there quickly.
Brennan is a little more adventurous and has started pulling up on the sofa, entertainment center, my pants (the things you forget when your first is past that stage) and the wall. Basically if it's a surface where she can get some sort of grip she is trying to get up. Today I arrived home from work to learn she had attempted the steps.
Coralee is a little more timid. She, for the most part is only pulling up to her knees. The stool you see below is one of the coveted items in the house. We have three, two are pink and white & the other is blue and green. The girls could care less which one they are on, as long as they are on the same one and fighting for it.

Brennan and Coralee

Brennan and Dade's foot (he was helping to take pictures)

Brennan has turned into quite the bulldozer, bully, brute. If Coralee has a toy she is by her side like lightening trying to take it away and yelling at her. She is the primary offender during the stool fighting. It's very interesting watching the girls interact with each other. So many twin blogs I read talk about their twins being loving and holding hands, that is a rarity in our house. I hope I haven't scarred them in some way, but I said when I was pregnant that I wanted them to be individuals and not considered a two person unit. Cue the continuous mama guilt song now...

Can you believe this guy will be three in less than 2 months??
Hey buddy how's about using the potty??? Answer - "No mama, I poop in my diaper"

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Beautiful kids from a beautiful wife.