Sunday, June 28, 2009

Whoop Whoop

Once again Papa tempted Dade by playing some booty shakin' music. Dade surely does not disappoint. There is a pause then he busts out the big moves.

As for the rest of us. The girls have been sick for over two weeks. Coralee has been awake alot at night with congestion and coughing. On Friday evening she coughed to the point of vomiting several times. When we woke up Saturday morning Jon researched the symptoms on WebMD, we were fearful that she may have whooping cough so we headed off to the doctor to have both girls seen. Turns out they have ear infections and it is suspected that Coralee has silent reflux, so we have antibiotics and reflux medication.

Coralee has started crawling with her belly off of the floor. Brennan has now mastered rolling from her back to her belly. The both love biter biscuits.



Our new nanny starts on Tuesday and I'm super excited to be spending three days with her to help her learn the cues of the kids. She seems like a truly fantastic person, Dade is excited for her to start. To say that our current nanny is suffering from "short timers" would be an understatement. It has become a little frustrating to come home from working all day and have to clean up from the day, but it's almost over.


Heather said...

I hope everyone is feeling better soon. Good luck with your new nanny!

Adriane said...

Ear infections are the worst. I really hope the new nanny works out!! It's so very hard to find a worthy person.

Eric Angela & Brandon said...
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Eric Angela & Brandon said...

Dade is so very cute dancing! I loved watching this. I am so sorry the girls have been sick. I hope you are making it!