Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Holy Temper Tantrum Batman!!

After dinner last night the girls were relaxing in their walkers and Dade was performing his usual maniac after dinner routine of running, dancing, making silly faces at the babies and playing cars.
I was finishing cleaning up dinner dishes and preparing the girls bath. Angel was over, as she is on most Tuesday nights chatting with me and hanging out on the floor with the girls. Suffice it to say this is a typical chaotic bath night in our house.
Suddenly, Coralee begins screaming and stomping her foot. My mom instinct goes into overdrive and I think she is hurt. I had my back turned when she started and Angel tells me that Dade was standing next to her and walked away right before she started. She is now heaving her body up and down in the walker and screaming and stomping. Angel is trying to convince Dade to walk back over to her. Dade finally obliges and she stops INSTANTLY. Are you kidding me?? You are 6 months old and throwing that kind of temper tantrum. Coralee tends to be the easy-going quick to smile type, certainly not the one I expected a tantrum from and definitely not at 6 months old. Until I took her out of the walker every time Dade walked away from her she started the screaming and flailing again. I pulled out my best Super Nanny looked her straight in her eyes, as best I could given the flailing, and told her that her behavior was unacceptable. It did nothing, not that I expected much, but it’s never too early to start.

Oh boy!! we got a live one here… Don't let this innocent face fool you.


Adriane said...

Love it! I've got one that does the SAME thing when the phone rings. If you don't immediately put it on speaker and hand it over, she'll SCREAM. I just love these girls. :-)

Pink-CJ said...

LOL!! WOW!! :)

Angel Elizabeth said...

aw she loves her brother :)