Thursday, May 14, 2009

6 Months- stats and stuff

**Update- I forgot tooth information**Coralee-
Length – 24 inches 10%
Weight – 16lbs. 12ozs. 75%
Head – 16 ¾ 75%
*Bottom left front lower tooth

Length – 25 ½ inches 60%
Weight – 17lbs. 11ozs. 90%
Head – 16 ½ 50%

*Bottom two front teeth, the left has just broken through the gum

Both girls:
-Discovering their hands. They like to look at them open and close as well as watch them close around toys.
-They love to try to take their socks off.
-Are sitting independently
-Are wearing 6-9 month clothes
-Scooting, turning and sliding around when on the floor
-Are moving their walkers forward, but not with great purpose yet
-Love to jump and stand
-Rock back and forth on their hands and knees

-is a smiley girl, but shy
-loves to pull on her sister, especially her hair
-tends to move away from the action
-loves the dunne buggy
-adores her brother

-is a talker
-quick to laugh
-suffers from serious stranger danger
-gets all her brother's attention

Coralee sitting up

Coralee doing calisthenics.

This was my new playpen idea. I was trying to wash dishes and bottles. They were fussing because they didn't want to be 10 feet away from me in the family room. I was also in the process of doing laundry, so I popped them in the empty basket with some toys and slid them next to the dishwasher. I thought this was a fantastic idea, it lasted about 2 minutes, then they were grabbing each other fighting over toys and pulling hair. oofta, this is a glimpse into my future. I'm pretty sure their first words will be, "BE NICE!!"

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