Friday, May 15, 2009

Girls Birth Story

Since the girls turned 6 months old on Saturday & I wasn’t blogging actively when they were born I would like to share their birth story to mark the half way point in their first year in our lives.
I had had some swelling that was coming and going, but I noticed on the 25th of October (34w5d) that I was more uncomfortable. That Sunday I weighed myself and had gained 13lbs in a week. I was sure at my appointment on the 28th that my doctor would send me how on strict bed rest. I was planning that the 31st would be my last day of work. Things at my appointment went a little differently than expected. My blood pressure was elevated and my scale at home was right, it looked like I was suffering from Pregnancy Induced Hypertension (PIH). My doctor asked me to go to the hospital for monitoring and told me I would likely spend a couple hours at the hospital then go home. Things were going great with my monitoring when suddenly my blood pressure went up inexplicably hung out there for a little while then went back down. This is so not good. I was asked to stay for a 24 hour urine test and told if the levels were low to moderate I would be sent home on bed rest. My levels were moderate, but I was staying. I was so sad. We had recently moved and were now living an hour away from the hospital. Jon had to work and tend to Dade. Selfishly I wanted him to be with me, but knew that Dade needed some normalcy more than ever. I was so torn want to keep my babies in and safe and growing & wanting to be at home missing my guys so bad it felt like my heart was out of my chest. I cried everyday in the shower, sobbing and sobbing. I really did try pushing the doctors to take the girls early, for selfish reasons and I feel badly that I did, but I was miserable. Near the end the only clothes that fit were 3X hospital scrubs I was so swollen. There are no pictures, THANK GOD! While in the hospital I gained 10lbs. more in fluid. I wore compression socks that were hooked to a machine to help circulation in my legs. My c-section was scheduled for the 10th of November, 37 weeks. On Saturday the 8th of November Jon, Dade and my parents came for a visit. We went to the cafeteria for lunch. Then Jon stayed later into the night with me. I prepared for bed and got excited that in just one more day I would get to meet my girls and soon this awful swelling would go down. After waking up several times early Sunday morning to use the bathroom, I decided that I was going to lay flat on my back for just a little bit(6:30am). As I lowered the bed I felt a pop and thought I was wetting my pants. As I got up the water just started flowing and didn’t stop, and I though this is it. I waddled to the bathroom leaving my pants up, sat on the toilet and pulled the emergency handle in the bathroom. I heard the nurses running in the hallway, as they blew in my room I said I think my water broke. My head nurse for the night grabbed a test stick and tested the water on the floor. We were a go for launch; it was time to have some babies. The call was made to the on-call Dr. I called my sleeping husband and waited. At 9:15 or so I was taken back. It felt like forever before my spinal block could be started. It was not a pleasant feeling, I lost feeling in my lungs and I started hyperventilating and felt like I needed to vomit. My husband was finally brought by my side and the procedure began, most feelings were similar to that of Dade’s. At 10:05 am Coralee was born 5lbs 15ozs and at 10:07 am Brennan was born 6lbs 13ozs both were 19 inches long and so very tiny to me. The next few days in the hospital were a blur there were problems with my blood counts and fluid elimination, but nothing that should keep me. Both girls had to take a car seat test. Coralee failed the first time and that bought us an extra day at the hospital, I cried more. Finally, on the 13th we were able to go home.

Dade and Brennan
Dade and Coralee

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