Tuesday, May 12, 2009

trip to the beach and back

Friday, we headed to the beach as scheduled. The girls had their six month well-baby visits at 10 (updates soon with their stats) We were back home around 11:30, Jon spent the next 30 minutes packing the van. Luckily, I had packed all our bags before we left for the appointments. Just 4 bags, one pack-n-play and a ginormous stroller. We were all packed up in the car and on the road by 12:15, as a special treat we stopped by McDonald's for lunch. The trip was relatively uneventful. Around three o'clock after napping the girls were ready for a bottle (crying). So we pulled off at a Chi-Fil-A so Dade could stretch his legs in the play place and we could feed the girls. (Both girls enjoyed some teeny tiny bites of my Ice Dream) Unfortunately we ended up being there for an hour, which meant we were going to hit Friday night beach traffic (Ugh!! what poor planning)

This is NOT his happy face.

Whoever is causing this traffic should take a spin in this!

This kid is going crazy

Picture through the conversation mirror

Thank goodness Cassie came along for the ride. Also featured in this shot Paw Print (the blue blanket) One of Dade's lovies.

We finally arrived at the hotel at 6:15. Six hours to get to the beach. The kids did OK in the car. None of us are big fans of traffic, but who is really?
On our way to the beach Angel called to tell us that there was a Monster Truck show being preformed on the beach and you could see and hear it from our hotel. Dade LOVES Monster Trucks, he watches Monster Jams everyday on the Speed Channel. After changing and feeding the girls. Dade, Jon and I headed to the boardwalk to see the Monster Trucks. They were actually racing on the beach and our little guy was super stoked. The boardwalk was lined with vendors and we were stopped by a time share, offering us a free stay for 90 minutes of our time. My husband was no nice to let the guy talk but I'm sure he could see me rolling my eyes. I wanted to say, "Look we are broke and don't have 90 minutes please move on to another potential commission and let this 2 year old go see his beloved Monster Trucks." There was no need though, the trucks started racing and Dade FREAKED out. It was so loud he started shaking and crying. Poor sweet boy. There was only one more race then intermission. We walked a little further down the boardwalk and caught some glimpse of Mopar Magic, Gravedigger, Gunslinger and Taz (Dade's current favorite). Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures and I'm so bummed, for Dade, because I didn't capture the memory. Dade was shivering with fear, so we headed back to the hotel, where he proceeded to recount the story of how the monster trucks are too loud and hurt his ears and they are better on TV. Then it was time to get everyone ready for bed. Dade fell asleep quickly as did the girls and I was hopeful. Unfortunately it didn't last long. The girls were up 3 times. The final time around 3 am both were so stuffy they couldn't be laid back down. And i being the "best" mom in the world did not pack nasal aspirator's or saline drops. Coralee ended up propped on a pillow in the middle of our bed and Brennan fell asleep in my lap while I was sitting Indian style. I lowered the remainder of my body to the bed and got the best sleep I could given the situation. Not comfortable, to say the least.
We enjoyed the free breakfast in the hotel lobby, fed the girls and headed to the graduation. Pat Robertson gave a wonderful speech, we enjoyed being outside in the shade with a nice warm breeze and got to see Sean walk for his diploma. We are so proud of him. Headed back to the hotel we ran into more traffic. (UGH) After our night and lack of sleep, being in one room, not having the right supplies, Jon and I decided we would head home after the girls evening cereal. Before we left Jon took Dade to the pool. Dade took a very brave jump ended up dunking his head and decided he would rather play with his Monster Truck in our room (a new favorite toy purchased by Sean's brother) I finished packing, we fed the girls and hit the road, around 6:30. As soon as we were on the highway everyone was asleep. We ran into some very bad weather in Williamsburg, torrential rain, thunder and lightening. It was very hard to see, but I pressed on because I was craving my bed. We had to stop at 9pm, Coralee was awake and falling apart over a bottle. We grabbed Wendy's and Dade had a picnic in the front passenger seat, while Jon feed Coralee and I fed Brennan. We got home around 11pm and I was sooo excited to sleep on my Tempurpedic mattress with my blanket. mmmm yummy..
I spent my first mother's day to three, not by the pool, but at home with my lovies doing laundry. One day that will definitely be one of their chores. ;o)
So all in all it wasn't a bad trip. I won't do it again in the next six months. It's the little logistics of traveling that you forget or don't plan for they make me nuts and I hate to pack alot. So, we will try it again when the girls are on solid foods, drinking from a cup and sleeping through the night.
Bonus- since we have been back the girls have been napping great and pretty close to sleeping through the night. Now if I had known that was all it would take. I would have made a trip to the beach 4 months ago.

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Adriane said...

Sounds like a short, but eventful, trip! You are so brave to travel with two six month olds!!! Hope you had a great Mother's day!