Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sensitive Subject

Has anyone reading dealt with this in your little girls? A friend mentioned it to me last week as something she dealt with 20+ years ago with one of her daughters, while helping bathe my girls. It appears to have affected both of my girls to some degree. I have done some research on possible solutions to the problem and they seem pretty invasive (steroid/hormone cream or surgery). Both options concern me as solutions for an infant and it seems this is a problem that will likely correct itself with age. So far there are no problems as far as urination is concerned, but am concerned regarding the potential development of UTI's or yeast infections.

Please help if you have heard or dealt with this and how you resolved it. You can e-mail if you would rather not leave a public comment.


Lindsay said...

My oldest daughter had this and it freaked me out to no end. I was in a total panic when I noticed it happening. I took her immediately to the doctor and they told me to put a generous amount of A&D Ointment on there at EVERY diaper change. It worked and everything was fine within a few weeks to a month. Hope that helps!

Adriane said...

I had not heard of this, but I am glad you posted about it and brought it to my attention. I will be on the lookout with the girls.

Also, saw your post about NKOTB and totally laughed my butt off. Most of my girlfriends went to their concert in St. Louis and said it ROCKED. :-) Have a blast!! OOh, and they said the dance moves to certain songs were the same!!!