Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Yesterday our nanny asked to stay the night at our house due to some transportation issues with her family. We have a spare bedroom and full bath in the basement so I didn't have any problems with her staying and appreciated the fact that she wouldn't be late. She said she wouldn't be around in the evening because she was going out with a friend to dinner, her friend is being stationed at Camp David and this is the last time they would be able to hang out. Well, at 7:30 this morning, was int he family room with the girls, I hear a car door close, then I hear the basement door open and close. Is she was just getting in?!?!? When she comes upstairs about 20 minutes later, she looks like she hasn't slept.
Our nanny lives with her parents and I feel like we have been taken advantage of, not only that but as I was driving to work I started to wonder if she hadn't slept last night and now I've left her with my children. I did ask her several questions that would lend themselves to her telling me the truth, but did not directly ask her about staying out. It's a fine line to know where it's my place, but I feel like she has lied to us and to her parents.


Adriane said...

Yikes!! I would be upset, too. It is so hard with childcare providers - I know how you feel. My Friday nanny once canceled on me at 7:30am (30 minutes before she was supposed to arrive) claiming she was sick, but later posted updates on her Facebook page that she was going to the movies. I was so pissed. And, I never did confront her about it.

I'm sure you feel like you're in a tough spot. This is a tough one, but I agree with being concerned about her capabilities with the kids if she hasn't slept. Perhaps you can question her further and position it as concern? I don't know....

Hope your day got better!

Pink-CJ said...

UH OH!! NOt good. Good luck. I have no idea how to handle that. :(