Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Prepare for the cuteness..

Alternately titled: Let them be twins

Alternately titled: Copy cat

Alternately titled: Whack-a-mole


heather said...

that was SUPER funny.
and, QUIET! are they always that quiet?
ivy is miss loud these days- i can't believe the noise that comes out of her!

love you guys! can't believe i'm going to be closer soon!

Heidi said...

Heather, no they are not frequently this quiet. In fact Brennan was screaming just prior to the video because Jon and I were in the kitchen, mind you the family room and kitchen are one large room and she could see us. Coralee started hopping, like a good big sister, to distract the whiner and it worked.

Pink-CJ said...

SUPER CUTE!! I Hope my twins do that!!! I need to get 2 of those things!!

Aunt Carolyn said...

That's so cute! Glad to see that they can entertain each other.

Adriane said...

So cute!!!!