Friday, April 24, 2009

Just a Simple Trip to the Park

Last Saturday (yes I'm posting almost a week later) was absolutely beautiful since Jon was taking care of the Angel Food delivery for the month, I decided to take the kids to the park.

Dade, trying to smile, ready for the park

Coralee, loaded up and buckled in

Brennan, ready for some time in the sun

I learned something last Saturday, do not load the girls into the stroller then try to "drive" it down the front steps. No one was hurt, well except maybe my arms.
Approximately 3 steps up the sidewalk and Brennan was out.

This is how we roll

My big boy on the playground all my himself.

Sleeping girls and a lot of crap for a short trip to the park.

Awww, Coralee

Brennan didn't like her hat too much.

This looks like fun trip to the park, but there is of course an eventful back story, isn't there always. Prior to walking out the door there was whining, crying, and one blow out diaper. Ahh the joys of three under 3.


Lindsay said...

Love the pictures! I'm totally with you on the load of crap that you have to take with you on ANY trip with the twins plus one (or two - in my case)!! Loove your stroller too!

Pink-CJ said...

Hilarious! WHy can't twins be simple?